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Why Sell Guns to a Pawn Store? | Chesapeake

Do you have a used firearm that you are hoping to sell soon? If so, you might be looking for the best place to sell it. This is a question that many gun owners find themselves wondering about. After all, you might be worried about state and federal laws, and you probably want to make sure you get as much for your gun as possible. Plus, if you're like many people, you're probably looking for the easiest way to sell a gun. There are various ways to sell a firearm, but selling to a licensed dealer at a local gun and pawn store is a smart move in many cases. Visit our pawn and gun store today to sell your firearm. As your Hampton Roads firearms dealers, we are here to help.

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Get Paid Top Dollar for Your Gun at Chesapeake Pawn & Gun

There are a lot of things to consider when you're looking for the best way to sell your firearm. Since at least part of the reason why you're selling your gun is likely because you're hoping to put some extra cash in your pocket, getting paid as much as you can is likely one of your main concerns.

​When you start advertising your gun for sale, you might find that a lot of potential customers want to lowball you and offer you less than your gun is worth. There's no reason to sell your gun for less. Gun shops like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun are well aware of the value of your firearm...more so than a private buyer. We have a vested interest in buying your gun, so we're willing to make you an offer that you'll hopefully want to accept. Because of that, if you're hoping to get paid more for everything from pistols to long guns, come see us. We'll help you get paid!

Sell Your Gun for Cash Today at a Pawn Store

With private gun sales, it can take a while to sell your gun. You might not know a private individual who is interested in buying a gun right now, so you'll have to look for one. Many social media sites and other traditional methods of advertising pre-owned items have very strict rules against advertising firearms, so this makes it that much harder for you to find someone who is interested in private sales. Local gun shows can work for firearm sales, but you'll have to wait until one comes around. All of these roadblocks can make it hard for a private citizen to find a buyer.

If you're hoping to get the sale over with as fast as possible, come see us. We buy guns every day, except for Sunday. There's no reason to wait to get paid for your firearm, like you have to worry about with private transactions. As a general rule, we offer the fastest way to sell and trade firearms. Come see us as your local federal firearms licensee, and you can sell your gun on the spot.

Sell Guns the Legal Way at Our Pawn & Gun Store

Selling a gun privately is something that you have to do at your own risk. It's important to follow all applicable laws. There are state laws and federal law that you have to worry about, and many people aren't familiar with the gun laws that go along with selling a gun. You might be worried about selling to a prohibited person or somehow facing criminal charges and jail time due to accidentally violating firearm regulations at a state or federal level. Not having a paper trail to cover yourself during the sale or transfer of a firearm is likely something you're concerned about.

It's normal to be worried about all of these issues. Selling to an FFL dealer is a good way to make sure you're following requirements and the law when you're selling used or new guns. Come see us if you want to sell guns the legal way, and we'll help!

If you are a private seller who is interested in the sale of firearms that you no longer want, let us help you! There's no reason to look elsewhere for potential buyers. Buying and selling firearms is what we do here. We'll give you a fair price and a quick & easy selling experience. Our place of business offers a warm, inviting atmosphere ran by local, helpful gun enthusiasts just like you. Visit your local gun shop during our normal business hours, and let us make you an offer!

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