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4 Tips to Remember the First Time You Buy a Gun

There may be many reasons why you've never purchased a gun before. You might have just had a birthday, and now that you've reached 18 or 21 years of age (depending on the type of firearm you want to buy), you might be ready to buy a gun for the first time. You might have never had a need for a gun before, but now, you could be interested in buying a personal and home protection weapon, or you might be interested in trying hunting or target shooting for the first time. If it's your first time buying a gun, use Chesapeake Pawn and Gun as your licensed dealer. We specialize in everything from semi-automatic rifle to handgun sales.

1. Buy a Pre-Owned Gun from a Pawn Shop

​Before you buy a gun, you'll have to decide who you're going to buy from. You might have considered dealing with unlicensed sellers who are selling their own personal firearms, which are private party transfers. You might have thought about looking at used and new guns at a gun show, or you might have considered going to a sporting goods store or gun store.

Of all of your options, for your first firearm purchase, it may be your best bet to buy a pre-owned gun from a pawn shop. For many, this is the best way to make firearm purchases, rather than opting for private sales. Many first-time buyers are looking for ways to save on their firearms purchases, and buying used is a great way to get a nice gun for a fraction of the price. When you buy from a gun dealer like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, you don't have to worry about buying a used firearm that isn't in good condition. That's because we carefully inspect the condition of all pre-owned guns before we put them up for sale. As your licensed firearms dealer, we even have an in-house gunsmith who will perform any necessary repairs and make sure the gun is in sale-ready condition before we ever put them out for our customers to look at. Rest assured, you can feel confident of the quality of any firearms you buy here, from the most popular calibers to more obscure guns.

When you choose us as your local FFL dealer, you don't have to worry about your options being limited just because you're buying pre-owned, either. Lots of people know that we're the local dealer to sell to when you want to get a good price for a pre-owned firearm that you don't want anymore. Because of that, people come to us every day looking to sell their used guns. There's never a shortage of firearms to choose from when you shop with us. If you'd like to see our inventory, check out our online gun shop. Even though you can't actually order your gun online (this would be illegal, and we follow all local laws & state and federal law), this is a good way to get an idea of what we have. You can also give us a call if you're wondering what we have in stock!

2. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help When You Buy a Gun

We understand that buying a firearm for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of common questions that you likely have in mind. Don't be nervous -- we are here to answer your questions! In fact, that's just one reason why we should be the FFL dealer of your choice...we want to assist you with your purchase in any and every way that we can.

Do you have a certain brand or model in mind? Did you see something when looking at our online guns that you're interested in? Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll help you find it. Unsure of which gun is best for you? That's no problem...we can help point you in the right direction. At the time of purchase, just let us know how much you're planning on spending, what type of firearms you have experience with (if any), whether you're interested in long guns or handguns, and any other information that you think we need to know. When we talk with a prospective buyer like you, we are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you make a great purchasing decision!

3. Be Prepared for a Background Check

To maintain our federal firearms license, we follow all applicable laws. This means that we always perform a background check before selling a gun. Bring your government-issued identification; you can bring your military identification card or your driver's license. An FBI background check will be done to make sure that you haven't been convicted of any crimes that would make you ineligible to legally purchase and possess a firearm in Virginia. We'll make it easy and handle it as quickly as we can so you can get your firearm as soon as possible.

4. Take Responsible Gun Ownership Seriously

For many, owning a firearm for personal protection is essential. Owning a gun can be good for other reasons, too, such as if you like competitive shooting or if you like to spend your weekends in the woods, hunting. Of course, responsible gun ownership and handling are important. When you come in to our local gun shop, don't hesitate to ask questions about legal and proper gun handling. Consider taking a class and getting a firearm safety certificate, if you haven't done so already. Additionally, purchase a gun safe, and make sure you keep your firearm secured when it's not in use. This will help protect children and other family members in your household, and it will help prevent your valuable firearm from being stolen, too.

Buying your first firearm can be very exciting, and we know you're probably hoping for an easy and streamlined experience. Use us as your local gun store, whether you're shopping for bolt action rifles, short-barreled rifles, semi-automatic handguns, or any other type of firearm. We offer good deals on all types of firearms, and we'll do everything we can to make your experience great when you buy a firearm for the first time.

Buy a gun today! Come see us!

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