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Sell Your Sig Sauer
Cash Loans Sig Sauer

You might know Chesapeake Pawn and Gun as a gun store. It's true that we specialize in gun sales and that people come to us to buy Sig firearms, as well as guns from other manufacturers. We don't just sell guns, though; we also buy them and make loans on them. If you're interested in turning your gun into cash today, Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is the place to go!

Sell Your Sig Sauer Pistol or Rifle

Sig Sauer is one of the more popular gun manufacturers. Sig Sauer actually refers to multiple brother companies that all manufacture firearms. The origins of the company started in Germany, but now, these firearms are produced in Switzerland and the United States. The original company in Germany no longer manufactures firearms but is still key to the history of Sig Sauer products.


The U.S. Army actually uses Sig Sauer M17 and M18 firearms as their standard-issue firearms. However, these firearms are also very popular in the civilian market. If you're a firearm enthusiast yourself, you might have one of their semi automatic pistols or another Sig Sauer firearm. Basically, Sig Sauer is a well-known name when you're having a discussion about U.S. firearms. If you're looking for guns in a lower price range, you might notice that Sig Sauer is a more expensive brand than other similar models from other manufacturers. However, these well-made firearms are quite valuable, and if you're looking to sell a gun, you'll probably be happy to know that both their small guns and larger rifles can fetch you a nice price.


Whether you're a dedicated firearm owner who has been to the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire, or if you just bought your firearm last month and decided that gun ownership isn't for you, selling your Sig Sauer firearm shouldn't be difficult at all. Just as the U.S. Defense Department, U.S. Air Force, and law enforcement officers from all over the country will tell you, the Sig Sauer is a well-known and valuable firearm. Selling it for top dollar is easy when you sell to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.


Sell Your Sig Sauer Today

​Once you have decided to sell your firearm, having the best experience possible is probably important to you. For one thing, you're probably hoping that things will be as easy as possible, whether you're selling short-barreled rifles, a handgun, or any other firearm. One reason why selling to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is an excellent choice is because you can sell your gun in minutes. There's no concern about waiting for an upcoming gun show or finding a potential buyer. Gun owners like you who are looking to turn their firearms into cash on the spot can do so at our pawn shop and gun store. The same day you decide to sell your gun is the same day you can get paid for it, if you choose.


Get Paid More for Your Pistol or Rifle

If you're ready to sell your concealed carry weapon, a smaller competition pistol, or a rifle, you'll obviously want to be paid as well for it as possible. How much you will get paid for your used firearm depends heavily on who you sell it to. Selling to Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is the best way to get paid more for your pistol or rifle. Unlike some of the other pawn shops in the area, our primary focus is firearms. This means two things for you. For one thing, it means that we are very familiar with firearms of all different types, including Sig Sauer guns. We know how much these guns are worth because we buy, sell, and make loans on them every day. You don't have to worry about selling to someone who doesn't understand the true value of your gun.


Plus, because we put such a heavy focus on firearms, it's important to us to buy nice guns when we can. After all, we want to remain known as one of the best gun stores in the area, and we can only accomplish that by having a good selection of firearms in stock at all times. Buying pre-owned firearms from customers like you helps us achieve that goal. We are truly interested in buying your pistol or rifle, so we will make you an offer that you can't refuse so we can get it. You can always count on Chesapeake Pawn and Gun to pay you top dollar anytime that you want to sell a firearm of any kind.


Sell Your Gun in a Legal and Safe Way

Chesapeake Pawn and Gun follows all federal, state, and local laws when buying and selling firearms. We stay up to date on new laws that come out regarding firearms. There is some legal risk and potential liability that goes along with selling a firearm in the wrong way, but we'll help you avoid that. You can make sure you're involved in a legal and legitimate transaction when you sell your firearm to us.


Additionally, at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we take gun safety very seriously. Please make sure your gun is unloaded and that the safety is on before you bring it to us. We use safe and responsible gun handling practices here, so you can feel safe and secure when you're selling a gun to us. You also don't have to worry about meeting up with a random, unknown person from Facebook or Craigslist, which presents its own dangers and risks. You can sell your gun in a safe and legal way by working with Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.


Get a Cash Pawn Loan for Your Sig Sauer

Selling your Sig Sauer firearm isn't your only option for turning it into cash, whether you have a full size rifle or a small pistol that was designed with conceal carry in mind. We also offer pawn loans on Sig Sauer firearms. If you'd like to get some cash for your gun but still reserve the option to get your gun back, this is ideal!


​Sig Sauer Firearms Let You Borrow More

You can use all items of value to borrow money from Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. However, since your loan offer is based on the value of the item that you bring in as collateral, bringing in more valuable items only makes sense if you want a bigger loan. Sig Sauer firearms are more expensive than some of the other gun brands on the market, which works in your favor. You can take out a sizable cash loan today when using your gun as collateral.


We Make Loans on Other Firearms

Sig Sauer is one of the more popular brands that we deal with, but it certainly isn't the only one! We make loans on all firearms. If you have a Smith & Wesson, Remington Bushmaster, Beretta M 9, Glock handgun, or any other firearm, we'll loan you money today!


Pawn Loans: An Easy Way to Borrow Money

Borrowing money doesn't have to be difficult. If you don't have the best credit, you might have struggled with taking out loans before. Credit score isn't an issue at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. In fact, we don't even check it. If you use your Sig Sauer firearm as your collateral, getting approved isn't a problem at all.


Important Things to Know About Pawn Loans on Guns

Of course, there are a couple of key things you should know anytime that you're taking out one of these loans. First, be aware that we are required by law to perform a background check before we return your gun to you at the end of your pawn loan. Also, make sure you bring your ID when you come in to take out a loan. We can't grant a loan to anyone without it; again, this is a state law!


How to Sell Your Sig Sauer for the Most Money

Selling your Sig Sauer firearm for top dollar is probably your number one priority! Luckily, it's possible for you to get paid well for your unwanted gun. Bring it to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, and we think you will be impressed and surprised by our offer. We're known in the area for paying top dollar for all firearms, including from Sig Sauer.


Which Model of Sig Sauer Firearm Do You Have?

Sig Sauer has an impressive lineup of firearms, including both pistols and rifles. The U.S. military and police officers from around the country know and appreciate this brand name. Not only are these firearms popular among police departments and military, but they're popular among civilians, too. Naturally, some of these firearms are more valuable than others. Lower priced military-style rifles don't have as high of a starting retail price as some of the other rifles from Sig Sauer's lineup, and some of the brand's pistols are more valuable than others, too.


The two most popular Sig Sauer firearms that we see here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun are the P365 and the P320. However, we buy all models of Sig Sauer firearms. A best-selling new rifle will obviously fetch a higher price than an older gun, but no matter the age or model of your firearm, we will make you a fair, on-the-spot cash offer.


Do You Have Any Accessories?

Over the years that you've owned your Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol or rifle, you might have purchased a few accessories for it. If you have any accessories for your gun that you no longer want, make sure you bring them in! This can help you get a higher offer. Also, remember that if you have original boxes or paperwork for your gun or its accessories, bringing them in can help you get a higher offer, too.

What is the Condition of Your Firearm?

Naturally, the condition of your firearm is going to impact how much you'll get paid when you sell it. Even if your gun is a little older and not in pristine condition, we'll still make an offer on it. Sometimes we have customers who are looking for an affordable gun and who don't mind a little wear and tear if it allows them to save money. Plus, we have an in-house gunsmith who can perform necessary repairs on the gun. However, of course, an old and worn out gun isn't going to fetch as high of a price as a gun that is in like-new condition. New rifles and handguns are met with higher offers. The condition of your firearm is one thing we will take note of when we're valuing your gun and making you an offer. Rest assured, we will make you a fair and reasonable offer, no matter the condition of your firearm. We always pay top dollar for guns of all brands, including Sig Sauer.


Which Sig Sauer Guns Can You Sell or Borrow On?

The most popular Sig Sauer guns that we see here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun are the P365 and P320. However, we know and appreciate all Sig Sauer pistols and rifles. We'll buy or make a loan on any Sig Sauer gun that you bring in, so stop by today to get the cash you're looking for!


Sell Sig Sauer handguns to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun:

●      P365

●      P320

●      P210

●      P220

●      P226

●      P229

●      P238

●      P322

●      M17-M18

●      P938

●      1911

●      SP2022

●      LEGION

Sell Sig Sauer rifles to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun:

●      CROSS

●      TREAD

●      SIG 716

●      SIG M400

●      SIG MPX

●      SIG MCX

Visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun to Sell or Borrow on Your Gun

At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we are elite dealers of firearms. You can come to us to buy expensive weapons for a fraction of the price, whether you're looking for a weapon for home defense, competitive shooting, or any other purpose. You can also come to us anytime you want to sell a Sig Sauer pistol or rifle, or any other type of gun, or anytime you want to take out a pawn loan with your gun.


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Stop in to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun and you'll find a gun store like none other in the city. Kristen and Kiley and the staff are eager and ready to help you. You'll love Us - Glenda

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