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Best Gun Shops Near Me With Both Used & New Firearms

If you're looking for the best gun shops near me, one of your criteria might be that the store has a nice selection of firearms. Maybe you have a specific gun in mind, and you want to make sure that the gun store has the right firearm that you're looking for. Maybe you aren't sure about the best firearm to add to your gun collections, so you'd like to visit a store that has a great selection. Regardless, if you're looking for the best gun shops near me for firearm and outdoor enthusiasts, Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is one of the best gun stores for you to visit.

Assorted long guns displayed on a carpeted surface

Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is a Great Shop for New Firearms

You may not typically think about a pawn shop when you think about buying a brand new gun. However, Chesapeake Pawn and Gun isn't your ordinary pawn shop. We offer hot deals on new Smith & Wesson, GLOCK, and a variety of other popular brands. Whether you're looking for black powder guns, short barrel rifles, personal defense weapons, or other firearms, we offer the best prices for new shooters and long-time gun enthusiasts alike.

Buy a Used Glock Pistol & Other Pre-Owned Firearms

Sometimes, buying a used firearm is the better decision. Maybe you're working with a tight budget and want to buy a cheaper firearm...buying a pre-owned gun that is in good condition is a great way to save money. Plus, you might even be interested in a model that is no longer being manufactured. Perhaps you aren't even sure whether you're interested in a new or used gun, and you'd like to have options. Either way, we invite you to come see us and take a quick view at our massive pre-owned inventory. We'd love to chat with you about the used guns that we have in stock!

Best Gun Shops Near Me: Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

If you're looking for the best gun shops near me, it isn't even a question...Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is your answer. Not only do we have an excellent selection of both new and used firearms, but we offer professional gun cleaning & gun repair, gun store T-shirts, and expert advice. We are the one-stop shop for gun enthusiasts in Hampton Roads who are looking for great service for a great price.

Planning a visit to Chesapeake Pawn & Gun? We invite you to check out our online gun store so you can get an idea of what we have in stock here in our gun shop. You can't actually order from our online store -- you'll need to visit us in person to buy used or new guns from our friendly staff -- but we keep our online inventory regularly updated, so you can see what we have and what our pricing is like from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about our inventory or anything else, give us a call. When you choose Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, you can feel confident knowing that you're working with the best gun store in town!

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