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Sell Your Springfield Armory Firearm or Get a
Cash Loan

Springfield Armory handguns and rifles are a popular choice, and we see these firearms all the time here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. First founded in 1974 by a man named Bob Reese (as well as the Reese family), Springfield Armory is a top name when it comes to American firearms. If you have a Springfield Armory Hellcat, one of their short range rifles, or any of the other Springfield Armory firearms from their lineup, you can sell it here. If you've been wondering how to sell my Springfield Armory firearm, you can enjoy the perfect balance of a fair offer and an easy experience by visiting your local gun shop and pawn shop, Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.

Sell a Springfield Armory Pistol

Because of their production techniques and cutting edge design, Springfield Armory is well-known for selling its range of standard and custom pistols. Appreciated by the US government, American soldiers, law enforcement, and everyday gun enthusiasts, there are a few models that are particularly popular. The Springfield Armory XD series is well-known for its popular and easily available pistols that are perfect for concealed carry. The Springfield Armory Hellcat offers ultimate performance in a polymer platform, and these polymer pistols are a great choice among gun buyers with budgetary concerns, since they're more affordable than some other comparable firearms, such as from SIG Sauer. Even though you might appreciate a lot of things about Springfield Armory pistols, you might have decided now is a good time to sell. Selling your pistol shouldn't be a problem at all if you're in the Chesapeake area, since our pawn shop and gun store is here to help!


Sell Your Pistol the Easy Way

Even though you might have decided that now's a good time to sell your handgun, you could be a bit worried about the process. Many people are worried about the legalities, risks, and potential liability that can go along with selling a handgun, which is certainly understandable in today's world. The good news is that you can sell your pistol without legal concerns by selling to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, a licensed gun dealer. Additionally, you can sell your gun today, without any hassle, by coming to us. There's no waiting for a gun show or looking for a private buyer to worry about. The same day you bring your gun to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, you'll walk out of the store with cash in hand. There really isn't an easier way to sell a Springfield Armory pistol, or any other type of gun that you're interested in selling.


Get Paid More for Your Springfield Armory Pistol

You probably know that your Springfield Armory pistol has the best features, making it an ideal firearm for personal protection and other purposes. For example, if you own a new XD-M, you might be impressed by its lightweight design, interchangeable grips, and modern materials. After all, it's well known for being an every day carry weapon. You probably know your gun is valuable, and you'll want to be paid accordingly, of course! You might not have been happy with other offers you have received for your pistol, or you may just want to do what you can to get paid what you deserve for it. You can get paid more for your Springfield Armory pistol by selling to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. We know the value of your pistol, and we want to buy it to add to our inventory. Get a higher offer from us today.


Whether you're selling your entire collection, or if you're simply selling an unwanted home defense weapon that you purchased from Springfield Firearms, we're interested in buying it. Of course, some models are more popular than others. These are some of the most popular handgun models that people bring us from this popular brand:

●      Hellcat

●      1911

●      XD

●      XD-M

●      SA-35

●      Prodigy

●      Mil-Spec Defender

Because we are interested in buying a number of modern firearms, it doesn't matter which model you have. We know these guns have innovative designs and are made for maximum performance for modern shooters, and we'll make you a cash offer on the spot that you'll probably find hard to refuse!


Selling a Springfield Armory Rifle

If you have a compact tactical rifle or any other rifle from Springfield Armory, and if you're interested in selling it, visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun today. We are a passionate family business that is heavily involved in the local gun community. Buying rifles from an award-winning company like Springfield Armory allows us to offer the inventory that our local customers are looking for. Just as you can get paid more money -- and more quickly -- for a Springfield Armory pistol by selling to us, you can enjoy the same experience when selling us a rifle.


We buy all rifles from this popular arms manufacturer, but these are some of the popular models that we accept:


●      SAINT

●      Hellion

●      Model 2020


How Much Can I Get for My Springfield Armory Firearm?

We like to offer a diverse line of products for gun buyers who visit our store, so we aren't looking for a specific model. Instead, we'll buy any Springfield Armory guns that you might be interested in selling. Your primary concern right now might be about just how much you'll get paid, which is certainly an understandable question. Getting an offer on your firearms is very easy when you come to us. We'll need to see your gun in person to make you an offer, but once you bring it in, we'll make you an offer in no time.


Which Model of Springfield Armory Firearm Do You Have?

Because of Springfield Armory's heritage and custom-grade features, it's worth money at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. Just how much depends on a number of things, including the particular model that you have. A Springfield Armory TRP was a much more expensive handgun when it was first released when compared to a Springfield Armory Hellcat. The TRP has also since been discontinued, making it even more valuable. We're knowledgeable about all of the different models from Springfield Armory, and we'll make you a fair cash offer based partly on the specific model that you have.


What is the Condition of Your Springfield Armory Firearm?

​Various things can impact the condition of your firearm, such as how old it is, how much it's been used, how it's been stored, and whether or not it's been cleaned, maintained, and repaired when needed. We can generally repair firearms in-house (with the help of our in-house gunsmith), so we may still make you a cash offer if your Springfield Armory firearm isn't in perfect condition. However, we can pay more for Springfield Armory pistols and rifles that are in good condition. We'll carefully assess the condition of your firearm when you bring it to us.


Do You Have Any Accessories for Your Firearm?

You might have accumulated various accessories for your Springfield Armory rifle or pistol since you purchased it, such as scopes, slights, laser pointers, suppressors, and more. If you no longer want these accessories now that you're selling your firearm, you can bring them to us! Depending on the specific accessories that you have and their condition, we may be able to make you a higher offer if you bring them along with your rifle or pistol.


Buy, Sell, or Pawn a Springfield Armory Firearm in Chesapeake

Not only do we buy a number of firearms here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, but we offer other services for the private citizens and gun owners from the Chesapeake area. If you're a gun owner -- or want to become one -- visit our pawn shop and gun store today.


Buy a Pre-Owned Firearm

If you're actually interested in buying a firearm rather than selling one, we'd love to help you add a new gun to your collection. We carefully inspect pre-owned firearms before putting them up for sale, and our on-site gunsmith performs any necessary repairs. You can feel confident that you're buying a good-quality pre-owned firearm when you buy from us, and we offer fair and affordable prices. You can save a ton of money over buying your firearm new. Plus, we'll handle the background check and legalities. It's a safe, secure, and legal way of buying a pre-owned firearm that you can use for personal protection, hunting, competitive shooting, or any other purpose. Whether you're a long-term gun enthusiast or someone who is looking to buy your first firearm, we're here to help.


Sell a Pre-Owned Firearm

Not only will we buy your Springfield Armory M firearm -- or any other Springfield Armory handgun or rifle -- but we will purchase other pre-owned firearms here, too. Chesapeake Pawn and Gun pays top dollar for guns from all manufacturers. No matter what brand of firearm you're selling, make sure you bring your ID. This will help you avoid any delays and will allow you to get the transaction completed that much more quickly.


Take Out a Pawn Loan With Your Springfield Armory Firearm

If you'd like to borrow money and don't qualify for traditional forms of borrowing, or if you just want to take out a loan in the easiest way possible, using our pawn loan services might work out perfectly for you! You simply use your Springfield Armory firearm as collateral for your loan, and we'll loan you cash on the spot. Then, when you return to repay your loan, you'll get your firearm back. There's no impact on your credit and no income or job verification. Just remember that you will need to bring your ID when taking out a loan with us, and that we are legally required to perform a background check before returning your firearm to you. We'll make the borrowing process fast and easy, and since your loan amount is based on the value of your Springfield Armory firearm, this can be a great way to take out a sizable loan.


Use Our Gunsmith Services

Chesapeake Pawn and Gun has an in-house gunsmith to help with all of your gun-related needs. Work with a professional if you're looking for advice about which gun will be best for you, or if you have questions about your firearm. We will help with modifications and repairs that your gun needs, too. This is true whether it's a Springfield Armory firearm or a firearm from another manufacturer.


Visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun Today

We appreciate the quality craftsmanship, heirloom-quality construction, and value of your Springfield Armory firearm, so bring it to us today. At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we're happy to make you an offer on the spot. We always pay in cash, and we make top offers. We understand Springfield Armory's heritage and their firearms' superior ballistic performance, and we are ready and willing to pay you accordingly. 


Also, remember that as a gun store, we work with more than just Springfield Armory firearms. Although we appreciate Springfield Armory's heritage and its series of pistols and rifles, we know there are other great gun manufacturers out there, too. Bring us your Glock, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Beretta, or any other type of firearm today. We'll buy it or make a loan on it today. You can also visit us anytime you want to buy a pre-owned firearm for an affordable price, or if you want to make use of our gunsmith services! At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we offer a wide range of firearm-related services for firearm owners and enthusiasts in and around Chesapeake!

We Buy Guns and We make Pawn Loans on Guns


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