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Sell Your Wilson Combat Firearm or Get a
Cash Loan

At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we deal with guns from all firearm manufacturers. A leader in the firearms industry since 1977, Wilson Combat is well-known among gun enthusiasts as being the best in the business. Known for unmatched craftsmanship and reliability, these firearms are incredibly valuable. Whether you have a Wilson Combat SFX 9, a Wilson Combat EDC X, or some other Wilson Combat firearm that you no longer want, you don't have to search any longer for a buyer. Chesapeake Pawn and Gun buys, sells, and makes loans on these firearms, all in accordance with state and federal laws. Visit us today to find out why the Chesapeake community sees us as a number one gun store, rather than just the average pawn shop.

How Can You Sell a Wilson Combat Firearm?

You might've made the decision to sell your gun, whether you have one of Wilson Combat's long guns or a handgun. What you might not be sure of, though, is how to sell your used gun. Whether you have an older firearm or a virtually brand new gun, you actually have a few options for selling. Of course, not all of them are equal, and for many, selling to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun makes the most sense. We abide by federal and state laws, as well as local laws, so you can always feel comfortable working with us!


If you don't have a specific time frame in which you need to sell your gun, you can look for a private buyer. Be aware that there are some risks for private sellers. Plus, finding prospective buyers might take longer than you think, which isn't ideal if you want to sell your Wilson Combat firearm right now. Make sure you consult a lawyer for legal advice before selling your gun without working with an FFL dealer like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, just in case.


You can also conduct a private transaction at a gun show, which is what some people choose to do. At local gun shows, Virginia State Police have to be on the premises to perform a background check on purchasers. This is done to deter illegal gun sales, and selling at a gun show might be a better way of performing private sales than attempting to do it on your own. Still, things can go wrong, and you have to wait until the next gun show and then brave the crowds.


There's no reason to go through these hassles, whether you're selling semi-automatic firearms or any other gun. You can work with a licensed gun dealer and get offered great prices for your gun at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. There's no long search for a buyer, and you don't have to worry about anything going wrong. Selling to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is a great alternative to a private firearm transfer.


We Will Buy Your Wilson Combat Firearm

Private party transfers can be risky when you're dealing with guns. Many people aren't fully aware of federal and state gun laws and don't really know about how to go about the private sale of firearms. You don't want to accidentally break the law or find yourself liable if something goes wrong. Instead, you should consider selling your gun to a business with a federal firearms license: Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.


Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is a superior pawn shop to work with in the Hampton Roads area. Gun owners from the community will tell you that we are a staple of the community. We always follow state and federal law any time that we are handling a firearm transaction, and we take safety seriously.


Your search for finding the perfect buyer for your Wilson Combat firearm is over. Work with a trusted local federal firearms licensee that you can trust at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. We are looking forward to working with you!


What Kinds of Wilson Combat Firearms Can You Sell?

People bring all types of Wilson Combat firearms to us here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. No matter which model you have, we welcome you to bring it in so we can make you an offer. These are some of the popular models that we see here.

●      EDC X9

●      SFX9

●      CQB

●      CQB Elite

●      X-TAC Elite

●      eXperior

●      Combat 1911

●      AR9

Truly, it does not matter which model of Wilson Combat firearm you have. Whether it's a popular model or not, we're interested. Visit your licensed FFL dealer -- Chesapeake Pawn and Gun -- to sell all different types of firearms. In fact, not only do we buy Wilson Combat firearms, but as your local gun shop, we will pay you top dollar for pretty much any firearm that you're interested in selling.


Chesapeake Pawn and Gun Makes Loans on Wilson Combat

Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is well-known in the community as being a licensed firearms dealer that will give you a fast payment for any gun that you want to sell. However, in addition to being your local gun store, we also offer the services you would expect from a pawn shop. This means we offer pawn loans, and in addition to being a potential buyer for your firearm, we will also offer you a collateral loan on your firearm, if you're interested. It's possible to use your gun to get much-needed cash right now, all without giving your gun up forever. Instead, you can just use it as collateral, and you can borrow money instead. It's actually a very easy process, and we'll help you every step of the way.


Responsible gun owners like you often come to us looking for our pawn loans. Make sure that your firearm is unloaded and that the safety is on, and bring it into our shop. Just as if we were preparing for the purchase of a firearm, we will assess your gun and its value. Once we have determined approximately how much your Wilson Combat firearm is worth, we will make you a cash loan offer. If you aren't interested in the loan, you can take your gun home with you, with no obligation or charge for assessing your gun.


If you're interested in our loan offer, you can get your cash loan on the spot. We won't bother with running your credit report or asking about where you work and how much you make. Instead, we'll just ask to see your ID so we can take down some basic information, and we'll let you know right then how much you'll have to repay, and when. We'll send you home with a pawn ticket with that information; if possible, bring it with you when you repay your loan to make things easier. Once you repay your loan in full, you'll get your firearm back. Just be aware that we will have to run a background check before we can return your firearm, since a pawn is considered a transfer of a firearm, and we follow all federal and State of Virginia laws. We are required to take a record of the transaction, but we'll do everything we can to make things fast and easy for you.


Borrowing money really couldn't be much easier, especially if you have some credit challenges or just want to borrow money in the fastest and easiest way possible. Visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, your local FFL dealer, next time you want to borrow money. As the owner of one of more Wilson Combat firearms, you have significant borrowing power here. Since we are very experienced at being a firearms appraiser, we will also grant you a loan on firearms from all other gun manufacturers, too. As your local federally licensed firearm dealer, we make it easier than ever to use your firearm to borrow money in a fast, easy, and legal way.


How Much Can I Get or Borrow for My Wilson Combat Firearm?

Whether you're hoping to be a private seller, or if you're planning on taking your gun to one of the local pawn shops or gun shops in the Hampton Roads area, your number one question -- whether selling a long gun or a handgun -- is probably about how much you will get for your gun. Of course, there are a lot of things that impact how much you'll get paid when it comes to firearm sales.


If you're wondering how much you can get from the sale of a firearm -- or how much you can borrow when using your gun collection as collateral -- your best bet is to stop by our shop. We want to offer you a fair price estimate, but we can only do so if we can see your gun in person.


Once we have temporary possession of the firearm, we'll have the chance to check the serial number of the gun, the gun's model and condition, and various other things. Then, we can determine the value of your gun on the spot. This allows us to make you an offer to buy your gun, or to let you know how much you can borrow if you choose to take out one of our pawn loans.


Sell Your Firearm Today

Once you've decided that you want to sell your firearm, you might want to do it as soon as possible. From 9 mm pistols to rifles to shotguns, we buy them all, six days a week. Finding a private buyer can be a hassle, and it can take time. Waiting until the next gun show might not be an option, either. This is especially true if you want to sell your firearm right now.


Whether you're selling your gun because you're downsizing your collection, or if you're looking for a quick and easy way to put some money in your pocket without taking out a loan, you can sell your gun to us today. We'll assess your gun and its value in minutes, and you'll soon be walking out the door, with more money in your pocket.


If it's not a Wilson Combat firearm that you are trying to sell, be aware that we can still help you. We will buy any gun that you have in your gun safe. Bring us your Smith & Wesson, older or new GLOCK, sub machine gun, or other firearm. Think of us as a prospective purchaser for any gun you want to sell. You don't have to worry about finding a private individual to sell your gun to, nor do you have to worry about the hassle of working with potential buyers. Pawn and gun stores like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun offer the best option for selling your gun, no matter what kind it is.


Also, remember, we do more than just buy firearms. If you're interested in taking out a loan today, without a long application process or a wait time to get approved, we can help you. If you're ready to add a new-to-you firearm to your collection, we can help with that, too.


Visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we are a pawn shop, but our primary focus is on firearms. We buy older and new guns every day that we're open, all in accordance with federal and state law. Bring us your Wilson Combat products, and we'll pay you based on the firearm market today. We'll also offer you a loan, and we have an in-house gunsmith who will help with repairs and custom work, if needed. We're also you go-to if you're looking for a gun shop with exceptional reliability so you can purchase a self-defense gun, hunting rifle, or any other firearm. We're looking forward to assisting you at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, conveniently located on Military Highway, right here in Chesapeake.

We Buy Guns and We make Pawn Loans on Guns


Glenda Craddock


Stop in to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun and you'll find a gun store like none other in the city. Kristen and Kiley and the staff are eager and ready to help you. You'll love Us - Glenda

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