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Sell Guns | Where To How To

You may have decided to sell your used firearm for a fair price, but as you probably know, there are a lot of federal regulations and state laws that you have to worry about. Whether you're looking to sell long guns or a handgun, focusing on private sales as a private seller probably isn't the best idea. Instead of private gun sales, work with a licensed dealer like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Our local gun shop offers the easiest way to sell your gun, and we'll show you how to sell your gun while following all federal, state, and local laws. Anyone in the Chesapeake area who is wondering where to sell a gun or how to sell a gun should stop by our shop during our normal business hours today!


No Background Check Required to Sell a Gun

As you probably know, federal law requires a gun store like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun to perform a background check before selling a gun. However, gun laws do not require gun shops like ours to perform these checks when we're buying a used gun from our customers. If you've been considering selling to a private citizen to avoid the wait that goes along with a background check, you don't have to worry about this! We can buy your gun today, without a universal background check, while still meeting all of the legal requirements. There's no long wait to get extra cash for your used firearm!


Best Place to Sell a Gun

Of course, there are different ways that you can sell a gun. Some like to find a private individual. Some prefer to handle the sale of firearms at local gun shows. Other gun owners like to sell their firearms to licensed firearms dealers.


As a general rule, it is risky to deal with a private buyer. For one thing, you put your own personal safety at risk by meeting with potential customers that you don't know to possibly sell your gun. If you accidentally sell to a prohibited person, you could face legal issues. The best way to abide by firearm regulations at the local, state, and federal level is to only sell and trade firearms with licensed dealers. This is a good way to pretty much eliminate your own risk in comparison to a private firearm transfer.


Plus, there are other reasons to sell to a licensed gun dealer, too. Dealers who have a lot of experience with firearm sales will be more aware of what to look at when valuing your firearm. Because of our time and experience in the firearms industry -- and because we have an incentive to buy your gun and keep our store well-stocked with options -- we will pay you more as your local FFL dealer.


Of course, Chesapeake Pawn and Gun isn't the only licensed FFL dealer in the Hampton Roads area, but the bottom line is, we're the best place to sell your unwanted firearm. We've been in the local gun industry for a long time, and we buy and sell guns on a daily basis, unlike some pawnbrokers. You can also visit us for other gun-related services, such as pawning your gun, buying a new or used gun, or even getting advice or repair work done on your existing firearm!


How to Sell a Gun

The process of selling a used or new firearm is incredibly easy at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. In the United States, there are federal laws about the transfer of a firearm that have to be followed very closely. Luckily, you don't have to worry about much of anything when you visit our store. We're well-versed on the law and have put together a fast and easy process to help you get in and out in no time, any time that you're interested in selling an unwanted gun.


​The first step is to check your firearms safe for any firearms that you just don't want or need anymore. Check each of them to make sure they are unloaded, and please, put the safety on. Then, drive over to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, along with your ID. After all, we'll need to take down some basic information from your driver's license or government-issued ID if you choose to make the sale.


Once you get here, just hand your guns over to one of our associates, and let them know that you're interested in selling to us. They'll take it from there. As a licensed firearms dealer and potential buyer of your firearm, we will take a few minutes to assess your gun. We'll check the brand, model, and serial number of the gun, as well as its general condition.


​After we've taken a look, we'll let you know our offer for each of your firearms. If you are interested in proceeding with the sale, that will happen on the spot! We'll give you the money for your unwanted firearms today, and it'll only take a minute for us to draw up the related paperwork. This is the fastest and simplest way to sell a firearm in the Hampton Roads area.

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Sell Used or Like New Gun

At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we sell both used guns and new guns. We are considered by many to be a superior pawn shop -- and truly, more like a gun store -- when compared to our competition around the Hampton Roads area, from Chesapeake to Virginia Beach. We don't want our customers to have to go to other gun stores when they are potential buyers for a firearm. Instead, as an FFL dealer, we want to offer everything that our prospective buyers might be interested in!


​As you can probably imagine, customers who come in looking for firearms for personal defense, hunting, or other purposes are often looking for like-new guns. Because of that, we will be more than happy to pay great prices for a gun that's never been used or that is in like-new condition. From semi-automatic firearms to any other weapons you may have, bring them for us to take a look at.


It's not just new and like-new guns that we'll buy from Virginia residents like you, though. We pay more than most here in the State of Virginia when it comes to used guns. If you have an older firearm, we'd still like to make you an offer on it, and the average time for us to value your gun doesn't take long at all.

Whether you purchased a brand new gun recently and decided it's not right for you, if you're interested in selling your own hunting rifle after years of use, or even if you have an antique gun that was passed down to you by your family, we'll take a look at it.


We Buy Pistols

The word "pistol" was actually first used in the English language around the year 1570. This was the time period when handguns were first introduced in Europe. As you can probably imagine, pistols have come a long way since then! Because of their small size, pistols are very popular for concealed carry, as well as personal and home defense. Pistols are some of the most common firearms on the market nowadays, and they can be fired with just one hand when needed.


Although you might appreciate the value of a good pistol, you might no longer have a concealed carry permit, or you simply might not feel the need to own a handgun anymore. We can help! Once you've decided to sell your pistol, use your local gun store -- Chesapeake Pawn and Gun -- as your firearms appraiser. We'll offer you a quick offer and fast payment for your pistol. It's an easy process to sell your Sig Sauer P365, Wilson Combat SFX9, Glock 19, Sig Sauer P322, or Taurus GX4 when you visit us.


We Buy Shotguns

A shotgun is a long gun that is designed to fire a straight-walled cartridge known as a shotshell or slug. These types of firearms are considered by many firearm owners and enthusiasts to be the most versatile firearms on the planet. They're popular for defensive and tactical use, but they can also be used for clay target shooting and various types of hunting.


​If you know how versatile shotguns can really be, you might have amassed quite a collection of them over the years. If you have more guns than you actually use, bring the ones you use the least to us, and we'll be happy to take them off your hands! You also have the option to get a trade-in value on your old shotgun. If you'd like to add a rifle or handgun to your firearm collection, just bring in your shotgun. We'll give you in-store credit based on how much your shotgun is worth, and you can put that credit toward the purchase of a new-to-you firearm for your collection. Just be aware that, although we don't perform a background check to buy a firearm from you, we will need to do so if you use your in-store credit to purchase another firearm.


We Buy Rifles

For many hunters, rifles are considered the gold standard. They're also a powerful self-defense option for the home. They are bigger than a handgun, but they're also easier to aim and are more accurate in many cases, too. There are a variety of different types of rifles. Bolt-action, break-action, pump-action, lever-action, and semi-automatic rifles; we're interested in them all. We buy rifles from all of the brands, including Ruger, Remington, Browning, Winchester, and more!


We Buy Revolvers

Revolvers are also commonly known as "six shooters," since they generally hold and allow you to shoot six cartridges before reloading is necessary. These repeating handguns feature a revolving cylinder and at least one barrel.


​These handguns are very reliable and are great for use as a backup gun. They're also perfect for novice shooters. If you have one or more unwanted revolvers in your gun collection, we can help you with the sale of a firearm. Whether you have a compact Ruger Wrangler, a smooth-shooting Smith & Wesson Model 686+, or a heftier Ruger GP100, we are interested in making the purchase of a firearm today!


We Buy AR’s

Many people think that "AR" stands for "assault rifle," but this actually is not the case. If you have an AR-15 firearm, the "AR" part of its name stands for "ArmaLite rifle." ArmaLite refers to a small arms engineering company that was founded in Hollywood, California and that developed light semi-automatic rifles in the 1950s.


The AR-15 is popular for hunting, plinking, and target shooting. Some even think it's the go-to firearm for home defense. After all, the AR-15 has many benefits, including the fact that it's light in weight, easy to customize to suit your needs, and easy to shoot. These firearms have surprisingly low recoil and are very accurate.


Because of their immense popularity, we try to always keep AR-15 firearms in stock here, so we're definitely interested in buying yours. This is true whether your AR-15 was made by Daniel Defense, Smith & Wesson, Palmetto State Armory, or any other brand.


Sell any unwanted firearm from your gun safe at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun! We have a federal firearms license, so you can sell to professionals instead of a private transaction. We'll pay you more, too. Also, if you're interested in a pawn loan on your firearm, or if you're a new shooter who would like to buy a gun for a fair price, you can visit us for those things, too. Come to us for a great deal on a like new Glock, or sell us your unwanted Smith & Wesson today!

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