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We Buy Benelli Shotguns and Rifles

Whether you have a Benelli shotgun or rifle that you're hoping to sell, getting paid the best prices is probably your priority. Visiting a convenient store location and selling your firearm the fast, easy, and legal way is probably at the top of your list of priorities, too. If you've been looking for a firearms appraiser and buyer who will pay the highest prices for your gun, you can relax and stop your search now. Chesapeake Pawn and Gun will buy just one Benelli firearm from you, or we'll purchase your entire collection of guns. Instead of looking for other gun buyers, visit the local gun shop that appreciates and knows the value of your firearm.

Where Can I Sell My Benelli Firearm?

The best place to get a good deal on selling a used gun is simple when you're in the Hampton Roads area. Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is one of the best gun shops out there. We are a licensed FFL dealer that abides by state and federal laws, and we deal with all types of firearms.


Selling to a federal firearms licensee like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun just makes sense. If you've been thinking about selling your gun privately, just remember that a private party transfer is risky. Plus, you might not be paid the price ranges that you're hoping for if you deal with an individual. After all, someone who isn't involved in buying and selling firearms on a regular basis -- such as an inexperienced person who is looking to buy their first firearm for home defense -- might not even realize just how much your Benelli firearm is worth. We Buy Guns everyday here at the store.


​If you're a resident of the Hampton Roads area, there's no reason to go anywhere else to sell your Benelli shotgun or rifle. Bring your unwanted gun to us today, and you'll be walking out with a smile on your face and a fatter wallet in no time.


Why Sell My Benelli Shotgun or Rifle?

Just because you bring your Benelli firearm in to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun to get an offer doesn't mean you have to sell it. Of course, this is not a decision that you will probably want to take lightly. However, many people choose to sell one or two firearms from their gun collections when their needs change or they need to get money fast, and if this is something you want to do, we'll offer you a fair price.


Selling Your Firearm is Easy

Some people hang on to guns and related items that they don't even want anymore, all because they aren't sure of how to sell. The firearms industry can be a bit confusing and tricky for someone who isn't involved in it. Don't be overwhelmed by the idea of selling your firearm, whether you're selling just one piece of a large collection. Instead, realize that these business transactions can actually be incredibly easy, especially if you deal with a dealer with years of experience and well-trained staff. If you want to sell your gun but haven't done it yet because it seems like too much of a hassle, rest assured...we'll take care of everything, and it'll be easier than you think!


Get Paid Top Dollar for Your Benelli Shotgun or Rifle

Selling your firearm at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun isn't just easy; it's also lucrative. Benelli firearms are known as being some of the top-tier guns on the market. They're reliable and innovative, and they're all high-quality guns. As you might remember from when you purchased your Benelli, their suggested retail price when they're new isn't cheap.


Of course, as is the case with pretty much anything, the value of your firearm will typically go down a bit after it's been used. However, some firearm brands hold their value better than others, and Benelli is one example of this. Many people are willing to pay high prices for pre-owned Benelli firearms, us included. If you're worried it won't be financially worth it to sell your gun, rest assured that this probably is not the case. As long as you sell to a buyer like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, it's easy and possible to get paid top dollar for your Benelli shotgun or rifle.


How Much Can I Get for My Benelli Firearm?

Once you've chosen Chesapeake Pawn and Gun as the FFL of your choice, you can feel confident in knowing that you'll be paid what you deserve for your Benelli shotgun or rifle, as well as any additional firearms that you're interested in selling. You're probably looking for a more precise answer about how much your cash offer will be. Of course, that depends on a few things.


The specific Benelli shotgun or rifle that you bring in is one thing that will heavily impact your offer. The condition of the gun obviously matters, too. It only makes sense that like new guns are worth more, but even older Benelli firearms can net you a nice cash offer, too.


If you have aftermarket accessories for your Benelli, bring them with you, if you don't want to keep them. We may be able to offer you even more for your Benelli shotgun or rifle if you have accessories for it.


If you're ready for an accurate answer about how much you'll get for your Benelli firearm, the best thing to do is visit us when you get the chance. Because we're open six days a week, you can stop by our Chesapeake location at a time that's convenient for you. Of course, we'll need to take a few minutes to look over your firearm before we can make you an offer, but our knowledgeable staff can get this done in no time. Plus, don't worry about being obligated to sell to us. We think you'll like our offer, but if you need a little more time to decide whether or not you want to sell, don't worry. You can take your firearm home with you and think about it, and you won't owe us anything if you decide against selling right now.


Popular Benelli Shotguns and Rifles We Buy

Even gun enthusiasts often don't know this, but Benelli was founded as an offshoot of an Italian motorcycle factory when it was first opened. Benelli Armi SpA was founded in 1967, and it's located in Urbino, Marche, Italy. Now, its parent company is Beretta Holding, and it now has a Benelli USA division.


Benelli is perhaps best known for its line of shotguns, including its very popular "Super 90." These semi-automatic shotguns debuted in 1986 and are still wildly popular today. Even though its shotguns might be most popular, Benelli is also known for manufacturing reliable rifles, too. All Benelli firearms are made with the best possible user experience in mind. This gun manufacturer has been a popular choice among law enforcement, military, and civilians alike for many years now, and it's a popular choice here at our gun shop, too.


These are some key models that we're looking to buy, but bring us any Benelli firearm that you don't want. We would love to make you an offer on any unwanted firearm from your collection!


Benelli Shotguns

●      M1 Super90

●      M2 Super90

●      M3 Super90

●      M4 Super90

●      Raffaello

●      Raffaello Crio 28

●      Raffaello CrioComfort

●      121

●      Vinci

●      SuperVinci

●      Super Black Eagle I

●      Super Black Eagle II

●      Super Black Eagle III

●      Nova

●      SuperNova

●      SuperSport

●      Ethos

Benelli Rifles

●      Benelli Argo

●      Argo Comfortech

●      Argo EL

●      Argo Special

●      Argo Deluxe

●      Benelli MR1

●      Benelli R1

●      Benelli Lupo

​Chesapeake Pawn and Gun Loans Money on Benelli Firearms

​If you're looking for the quickest way to borrow money, a pawn loan is the answer. If you're the owner of a Benelli firearm, it's actually just what you need to access a sizable cash loan, all without any type of credit check.


We Make Loans on Benelli Firearms

Chesapeake Pawn and Gun offers pawn loans on many different types of items of value, including jewelry, coins, and more. Because we are a gun shop, we're especially interested in making a loan on your Benelli firearm. Because your loan is secured with your Benelli firearm as collateral, you can typically borrow quite a bit! Also, since these loans aren't quite as risky for us as an unsecured loan would be, we're able to loan to basically anyone. No matter how many times you've been turned down for different types of loans in the past, you can get a loan from us. Skeptical? Bring your gun in, and we'll show you!


Basics to Know About Loans on Firearms

Of course, there are some key things to know about taking out a loan on a firearm. After all, we do everything we can to be 100% transparent here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, and we want you to make an informed decision when you borrow from us.


First, since our loans are collateral loans, be aware that you will not be able to pick up your gun until you repay your loan. However, we'll do what we can to make this easy for you! All of the information about repaying your loan is on your pawn ticket, but we'll answer any questions you might have! Also, for customers who need a little more time to repay, we do offer extensions! Just ask!


Any time that you take out a pawn loan -- even if you're using collateral other than a firearm -- you need to bring your government-issued ID. Bring it along so we can process your loan faster!

Lastly, since pawning a gun technically involves temporarily transferring possession of your firearm, a background check is required for you to pick your gun back up. After all, at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, following all state and federal gun regulations and laws is of the utmost priority for us.


​Trade or Buy a Benelli Shotgun or Rifle

If you enjoy being a firearm owner but have found your current Benelli firearm isn't right for you, a trade could be a great option! Some people trade their long guns in for a pistol, for example, or they trade in a shotgun for a rifle that is more suitable for hunting big game. Just as an example, if you have a Benelli M 4, which is one of Benelli's tactical models, you can use your trade in value for a new gun that is more suitable for you. If we owe you anything after the trade, we'll pay you in cash!


Even if you don't have a Benelli shotgun or rifle to trade in, don't worry; we'll provide you with a great shopping experience while you're looking for the perfect firearm for you. Come check out the many options we have in each gun case. We have both new and pre-owned firearms for rock-bottom prices. You can even browse our selection online if you'd like! You'll have to come visit us in-store to actually purchase your new-to-you Benelli Super Black Eagle (or any other gun you're interested in!), but doing your research on our website will help you make an even more informed decision when you come in.


Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is here to help you with anything related to guns. Just let one of our friendly staff know what you need help with, and we'd be more than happy to assist! We buy guns, sell guns, make loans on guns, trade guns, and even offer gun repairs! Let us help you with your firearm-related needs!

We Buy Guns and We make Pawn Loans on Guns


Glenda Craddock


Stop in to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun and you'll find a gun store like none other in the city. Kristen and Kiley and the staff are eager and ready to help you. You'll love Us - Glenda

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