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A Pawn Gun Loan is Perfect for Bad Credit

Do you have bad credit? Have you been looking for easy ways to borrow money? A pawn gun loan from Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is the perfect way to borrow cash when you need it the most, even if you have bad credit. In fact, we don't even care about your credit history, and we never run a credit doesn't matter if you fell behind on the monthly payments on your credit card, if you've been turned down for financing options in the past, or if you've had trouble taking out a loan from a bank.

​You likely didn't immediately think about visiting a gun shop to look for a loan. After all, if you're a gun enthusiast, you might visit gun dealers when you're interested in making a gun purchase, or maybe even if you're looking for a great place to sell a gun. Luckily, here at Chesapeake Pawn & Gun, we offer pawn loans on guns, and the approval process is very easy. We also offer loans on other pre-owned items of value, so come see us.

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We Don't Check Your Credit Score for a Pawn Gun Loan

You might be worried about a hard credit inquiry on your credit report, even if you don't have bad credit. If you do have bad credit, you might be wondering if it will be impossible for you to get approved for a personal loan because of your score. Whether you need more purchasing power or are covering unexpected expenses, one of our loans is an excellent option. Plus, we'll offer you a great deal when compared to the high interest rate that you'd likely get from a payday lender or other bad credit lender.

The Approval Process for a Pawn Gun Loan is Easy

Worried it will take multiple business days to get approved for an easy loan? Worried about filling out a loan application? The application process at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is basically non-existent. There's no application to fill out...we just check your ID and look at your gun to determine its value. We do have to perform background checks before returning your gun after you make your final payment to repay the's the law. But all in all, our loans are easier and have better terms than most bad credit loans. don't have to worry about us needing a lot of application details, nor do you have to worry about our payment methods...we loan money in cash, so you'll get the whole loan amount on the spot, with no checks to cash or waits for the money to hit your bank account.

Your Credit is Never Impacted With a Pawn Gun Loan from Us

There is never a credit impact when you take out a loan from us! People with all credit types worry about things like credit approval, credit impact, and so on. Not only do we never turn people down for credit reasons here at our pawn shop and gun store, but we don't affect your credit in any way with our firearm loans. Even if you default on the loan, we won't report to the credit bureaus...we'll just keep the collateral (your firearm) to repay the loan. It's a hassle-free way to borrow money without your credit ever being bothered!

We are a leading provider of pawn loans on firearms here in Chesapeake, and we do pawn transactions all the time. We loan the highest dollar amount when compared to other pawn stores, and we'll do a free appraisal with no obligation when you come in. Come take advantage of our in-store expertise and easy alternative loan options. Not only have we been in the gun industry a long time, but we've granted many loans as a trusted local pawnbroker, too.

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