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Sell Your Colt Firearm or Get a
Cash Loan

The Colt name began in 1855, when Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company was first established. The name was later changed to Colt Manufacturing Company, LLC. Founded by Samuel Colt, this was not his first venture in the firearms industry. Young Colt had prior experience in the firearms industry, dating back to 1836.


Sam Colt and his firearms company were highly successful and influential between the 1850s and World War I. Although Colt didn't actually invent the revolver, his designs made them much more popular than they had been in the past. Prior to the revolver, earlier single-shot pistols were the standard. Later, Captain Samuel H. Walker met with Colt and helped him with a new concept based on the revolving cylinder Colt Paterson revolver, which was a five-shot pistol that was incredibly popular at the time. A sixth round was added, and the firearm was powerful enough to kill a man or horse.


Many changes occurred across the Colt Manufacturing name and its line-up of firearms over the years. Through it all, Colt was a popular name for firearm enthusiasts all over, from ruthless bandits to military personnel, and everyone in-between. Later, in 2002, the company actually split into two different divisions. Colt's Manufacturing Company continued servicing the civilian market. Colt Defense began servicing the U.S. government, military, law enforcement, and private security companies.


It's no secret that Colt has a long history over the years, and many firearms have been produced by this company in this time period. If you have a firearm from Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company or Colt Manufacturing Company, LLC, we would love to buy it from you. Visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun in Chesapeake, Virginia today to get rid of an unwanted firearm and get paid top dollar for it.

How Can I Sell My Colt Firearm in Chesapeake?

Although you might have a strong appreciation for the Colt name, you might be thinking about selling your gun. You may just have more guns than you need, or you could be looking for a fast and easy way to get some cash. There are various ways you can sell your firearm, but out of all of your options, selling to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun makes the most sense.


Some people look for their own prospective buyers and make private sales when getting rid of a firearm, but there are liabilities and risks that go along with this type of private transaction. Plus, it might not be as easy to find a private individual to buy your gun as you think. Selling at a gun show where Virginia State Police are on-site to perform a universal background check is a little less risky, but there are still hassles, plus you have to wait until the next gun show. If you want to sell your gun fast while also avoiding any legal issues, selling to a pawn shop instead is your best bet.


Of course, there are a few pawn shops around the Hampton Roads area, and many of them are willing to purchase your firearm. You can visit another pawn shop to sell your gun, but not all pawn shops value firearms like we do. As a superior pawn shop and gun store, we know, appreciate, and pay great prices for pre-owned firearms. Virginia residents who want an easy, legal, and fast transaction -- all while getting paid more -- know that Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is the best place to sell a pre-owned gun. There's no reason to visit another pawn shop in the Chesapeake area. Choose us as your firearm experts, and you won't regret it.


Chesapeake Pawn and Gun Buys Firearms

If you're a gun owner who has never visited Chesapeake Pawn and Gun before, you are missing out on the best gun store in town. Not only do we offer a great selection of hidden treasures at low prices, but we also buy firearms for top dollar.


The process of selling your Colt firearm to us really couldn't be easier. Just bring your gun and ID, and we'll take care of the rest. One of our knowledgeable staff members will take a few minutes to check the make, model, and condition of your firearm. You'll be given a cash offer on the spot, and if you accept, we'll hand over the cash right then. You'll be impressed by just how fast and easy it really is!


Selling to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun just makes sense. We're a well-known name in the Hampton Roads community as both a pawn shop and gun store. We do offer the basic services you'd expect from a pawn shop, but we actually specialize in firearms and ammunition. Because of this, we are a lot more familiar with the various makes and models of guns, allowing us to give you a more accurate valuation of your firearm. Also, since we keep 1000+ firearms in stock at all times, and because we want to have the inventory that our customers are looking for, we have a vested interest in buying your firearm. Other pawn shops that don't have as much of a focus on firearms may not be willing to make you a top dollar offer, but we are.


You can get paid what you deserve for your firearm in minutes, all while enjoying a safe, fast, and legal transaction. Also, we always pay in cash! We also accept trades. If you want to get rid of your Colt firearm because you have a different firearm in mind, chances are good that we have it in stock. We'll determine the value of your gun and give you a trade-in value toward your next firearm purchase, if you'd like. If the gun you want to trade for is actually worth less than the gun that you're trading in, don't worry! You can walk out with a new-to-you firearm and a little cash in your pocket, since we'll pay you in cash for the difference.


How Much Will I Get for My Colt Firearm?

If you have a Colt revolver, a long rifle, or a Colt pistol that you want to sell, getting paid as much for it as you can is probably your top priority. You can get an offer in no time if you bring your gun to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.


Because Colt has been around for so long, there are a lot of old models out there. Some of the older firearms are incredibly rare nowadays, making them quite valuable. Of course, newer model Colt firearms that are in like-new condition are also quite valuable, too. Basically, we have to consider the resale value of your gun, since we will be reselling it in our gun shop. Then, we'll make you an offer based on that resale value. This is affected by the specific model that you have, its age, its condition, any accessories that you bring along with it, and more. We're more than happy to talk to you about our offer. Bring your gun to us so we can make you a cash offer today!

Popular Colt Firearm Models

Whether you have a new factory, standard issue Colt firearm or an antique gun from this popular United States firearm manufacturer, we want to buy it. These are some of the most popular models that we see, but even if you don't see your gun listed, feel free to bring it in. We'll buy any type of Colt firearm that you're interested in selling.


●      Colt Delta Elite

●      Colt Walker

●      M1911 Pistol

●      Colt King Cobra

●      Colt 2000

●      Colt Dragoon Revolver

●      Colt Paterson

●      Colt New Line

●      Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

●      Colt Commander

●      M4 Carbine

●      Colt M1861 Navy

●      Colt M1877

●      Colt AR-15

Also, remember that even though Colt firearms are very popular here, we deal with all brands and models of firearms! If you have a GLOCK, Smith & Wesson, Wilson Defense, or any other brand of firearm and are interested in selling it for top dollar today, bring it to us! We also buy firearm accessories and other items of value.


We Make Loans on Colt Firearms in Chesapeake

​Many gun owners don't realize that their used gun gives them great borrowing power. If you've never used your older or new guns to take out a pawn loan from Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, you've been missing out on a great financial product that can help you in a pinch. From long guns to revolvers, we accept all types of Colt firearms (as well as other brands) as collateral for our pawn loans.


Our pawn loans are a great choice because you can borrow a significant amount of money, based on the value of the gun (or guns!) that you bring in. We offer no credit check cash loans without an application. All you need to bring is your firearm and your ID, and we can make you a loan on the spot. We'll hold your gun as collateral and keep it safe and secure in our shop until you repay your loan, and upon passing your background check and repaying your loan, you'll get it back in the same condition it was in when you brought it. Can't repay your loan? Either ask us for an extension, or forfeit your firearm as collateral. There won't be a hit on your credit, and you're more than welcome to work with us again in the future for another pawn loan, despite the default.


Buy a Colt Firearm Today

If you're actually looking for hot deals on firearms to add to your collection, look no further than our pawn shop and gun store. We sell Colt firearms of all different models and serial numbers here. From sub machine guns to pistols and more, let us know what you're looking for. We sell new guns, as well as pre-owned guns that are in great condition. Our pre-owned guns are available for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.


​We are a legitimate gun dealer with a Federal Firearms License, and we can help you buy a used or new gun for much less than you'd pay at many gun stores. Potential buyers like you can stop by anytime to buy a gun, all without the hassle of looking for private sellers. Just let us know you're a prospective purchaser of a firearm, and we'd be more than happy to help you as your FFL dealer.


First, let us know what type of gun you're looking to add to your gun safe. Tell us more about what you want to use your gun for, whether you prefer a certain brand (like Colt), and what your experience level is. We offer semi-automatic firearms and other firearms at all price points, so tell us your budget, and we'll help you find something suitable.


Whether you're looking for a personal defense firearm, or a firearm that you can use for hunting, we'll help you find the gun that's right for you. Because of our massive inventory of all different types of firearms, we think you'll find something you want in our shop today! We charge less than our competitors, so you can get a great deal. You can even check out our online store before you come in. Although you can't actually buy a gun online (due to federal law and laws here in the State of Virginia), you can check out our inventory and pricing from the comfort of your home.


Visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun Today

Chesapeake Pawn and Gun will help you with everything related to firearms. If you want to sell a Colt firearm -- or any other type of firearm, for that matter -- bring it to us, and we'll make you a deal! We also help with pawn loans and trades, or you can buy your next firearm from us for a great price. We even have an in-house gunsmith who can give you advice or perform repairs on your firearm. We aren't your ordinary pawn shop; instead, we're the best gun store in Hampton Roads. Visit our convenient Chesapeake location today, and we'll show you why we have so many return customers from all over the Hampton Roads area. You'll never want to visit another gun store again!

We Buy Guns and We make Pawn Loans on Guns


Glenda Craddock


Stop in to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun and you'll find a gun store like none other in the city. Kristen and Kiley and the staff are eager and ready to help you. You'll love Us - Glenda

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