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What is the Best Gun Shop Near Me in Chesapeake? | Chesapeake Pawn & Gun

Are you looking for the best gun shop near me in Chesapeake, Virginia? Whether you're interested in adding a new firearm to your gun collection, or if you're hoping to sell or get a loan on a gun, we can help you out. Our pawn shop and gun store even offers gun repairs and professional gun cleaning, since we have an experience in-house gunsmith you can count on. If you have been looking for the best gun shop in the area, there is no reason to ever check out our competition in the surrounding area. Instead, come check out the great selection and excellent customer service at Chesapeake Pawn & Gun. You won't regret it!

​Why Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is the Best Gun Shop Near Me in Chesapeake & Hampton Roads

Are you wondering why we should always be your one-stop shop for anything and everything related to guns? As your local federal firearms licensee, we are a good resource for anyone and everyone who is interested in guns in the area. Once you find out more about the services we offer, the great deals that we make, and the excellent customer service that we provide, we don't think you'll go anywhere else for anything related to firearms!

Purple handgun on a glass counter

Get Great Deals When Buying a Gun at Chesapeake Pawn & Gun

Whether you're shopping for pre-owned or new firearms for a great price, we can help. It's always a good idea to search for the best deal when you're buying a firearm. Additionally, you'll want to look for a seller who abides by all federal, state, and local laws, who will handle the necessary background checks for you, and who has the perfect selection. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with expert advice and will show you our inventory. We think you'll be impressed by our selection and prices, and you can even check out our online gun store before you visit to get an idea of what we have in stock and what our amazing pricing is like! We help new shooters, long-term gun enthusiasts, and everyone in-between on a daily basis, and we're looking forward to helping you, too!

Sell Your Gun for Cash Today at Our Pawn & Gun Store

Interested in selling a gun? We buy pre-owned firearms every day that we're open. Sell your gun the fast, easy, legal, and safe way....we will help you each step of the way, and we pay the best prices for pre-owned guns of all different types!

Get a Loan on a Gun With No Credit Checks

Did you know that you can use GLOCK pistols, Smith & Wesson firearms, and assorted other guns as collateral for our pawn loans? In fact, our knowledgeable staff can assist you with a pawn loan with no credit check! All you have to do is let one of our staff members know that you're interested in taking out a pawn loan, and let us take a look at your gun. Once we determine its value, we can make you a loan offer. Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is always a great place to visit if you're looking for a great deal on an instant cash loan with no credit check. Many of our customers consider it to be one of the best ways to borrow money. In fact, even customers who have good credit visit us for our loans, since we make it so fast and easy and provide the best service possible each step of the way!

Our In-House Gunsmith is Here to Help You

As your go-to local licensed firearm dealer, we want to be ready to provide you with all necessary gun-related services. This means that we have a trusted and talented gunsmith who works in-house. He helps us with getting pre-owned firearms ready for sale, for one thing, but he also helps us provide gun repair services for the general public. Even if you didn't buy your firearm from us, you can come see us to have your gun professionally cleaned or repaired.

Visit the Best Gun Shop Near Me in Chesapeake

If you have been looking for the right place for gun enthusiasts in the local area, you've found it! We invite you to visit the best gun shop in Chesapeake any time that we're open. We have a convenient location and convenient hours, and we're open six days a week. It's time to meet your new favorite gun broker! Bring us your pre-owned guns to sell, shop with us for an affordable and enjoyable experience, or let us know that you're interested in a pawn loan. Regardless, we are ready to help you out!

The Best Gun Shop Near Me | Chesapeake Pawn & Gun

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