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Get a Loan on a Gun: It's Easy at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

​Did you know you can get a loan on a gun? When you work with a pawnbroker and federal firearms licensee like Chesapeake Pawn & Gun, gun owners like you can use your gun as collateral for cash advances. Gun pawning is easy when you work with us. If you've been looking for ways to get some fast cash, we'll help you out with an alternative loan as your local gun dealers. You can borrow as much money as you want, based on the collateral of the items of value that you bring in. People who own firearms can borrow money the easy way with us!

Step One: Prepare to Get a Loan on a Gun

First, you'll want to prepare to make use of this easy option to borrow money. Consider the gun that you want to use as collateral; we accept all different types of firearms for our loans. Then, grab your photo ID -- this step is important, and we can't grant you a loan without it. Make sure your gun is unloaded and that the safety is on, and put it in your gun case, if possible. Then, visit our convenient Chesapeake location.

Step Two: Visit Us to Get Your Gun Loan Offer

​When you arrive, let one of our staff know that you're interested in one of our loans. You can get a gun loan offer any time during our normal business hours. There's no requirement or cost just to find out the loan amount we can grant you. One of our competent staff members will look over your item of value -- such as if you're bringing in long guns or a single pistol -- and will make you the offer on the spot. This is a good time to get answers to any questions that you might have about taking out a pawn loan, too.

Glenda Craddock

Step Three: Leave With Your Cash!

If you're interested in the amount of money you're offered with one of our bad credit cash loans, just let us know. As your firearms dealers and pawnbrokers, we keep the cash on hand, so you will get your loan in cash, right then. As a general rule, it's the easiest way to borrow money fast, since you get your cash on the spot and don't have to worry about a loan application. Plus, we'll handle the paperwork related to the transfer of a firearm. Getting a cash loan from us really is the best option.

​Step Four: Get Your Gun Back

With a pawn loan, you'll leave your gun with us at our gun shop until you repay your loan. That's how a collateral loan works at any local pawn shop, whether you're pawning a gun to get a personal loan or if you're using other collateral for your cash loan. Don't your local pawn broker, we will keep your firearm safe and secure right here in our pawn store until you come pick it up. Worried about losing your gun because you can't pay your loan on time? Before the end of the full term on your pawn ticket, come see us at your local gun store, and let us know that you'd like to extend your loan. It's no problem!

​Do be aware that a background check is required by state and federal law before we can return your firearm. We won't do a credit check and don't care about your credit score, but we do have to follow this rule when you pawn a gun. Still, it's the best way to borrow money and get your gun back later, without having to sell a gun you'd otherwise prefer to keep.

You can use the value of your guns to take out a pawn loan. It's so easy! Come see us at our Chesapeake location today, and we'll assist you!

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