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Pawn Shops Near Me That Buy Guns

Are you looking for pawn shops near me that buy guns? When you visit the best pawn shop for guns in Hampton Roads, it's a great way to get some instant cash for a gun you've decided you don't want anymore. If you're in Chesapeake or elsewhere in the Hampton Roads area, we invite you to come visit us today. We offer an inviting and friendly atmosphere, and we're a great place to get quick cash when you need it.

Why Sell My Gun to a Pawn Shop?

If you have decided you no longer want your gun, selling it to a pawn shop helps you get paid more and saves you precious time. There's no hunt for a private buyer, no concern about breaking the law when selling your gun, and no traveling to a gun show to try to make a sale.

Instead, you just bring your gun in to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. Give one of our in-store experts a few minutes to look over your gun. Then, you'll get your cash offer. It's just that easy! There is truly no easier way to sell a gun than to sell to us.


What Kinds of Guns Do Pawn Shops Buy?

What kind of guns can you sell at our pawn shop? Well, pretty much any type of gun that you're hoping to sell! We like to have much more than just a minimal selection of new and used firearms here. After all, we're known as the go-to local store for those who want to get a good deal on a great firearm. Because of that, we're always looking to pay a great price for a good condition firearm.

Handguns, shotguns, rifles...we buy them all. We buy from all of the major brands like SIG Sauer, Benelli, GLOCK, and much more. We're always looking to buy guns of all different types so we can make new entries to our inventory! Selling your gun definitely doesn't have to be a long or miserable experience, no matter what you're selling. Get paid well and make new friends who love guns as much as you do by visiting us at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun!

How Much Will Pawn Shops Near Me Pay for My Firearm?

​So, just how much will a pawn shop pay for your gun? Paying a fair price is our personal style. We definitely aren't a first time buyer...we have been doing this for years. Our staff have a true love and passion for guns, and they are also highly experienced in valuing them. You'll have the chance to work with local people who will assess the brand, model, serial number, condition, and various other aspects of your gun. We don't try to get away with bare bones payments for guns. We'll make you the offer you deserve, and there's zero obligation or cost for us to look at your gun, either...even if you decide you don't want to sell.

Get a Loan on Your Gun at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

Sometimes, when you're in a tough spot, you may find yourself selling items that aren't actually unwanted items at all, just so you can get the highest dollar amount. There is an alternative to selling your gun, though, if you're interested. Instead, you can ask us about a short-term loan.

Our professional staff can assist you with getting a loan on your gun. They'll take a minute to assess your gun and give you a loan estimate, based on the value of the gun. We don't check your credit or anything like that, and you'll experience great customer service each step of the way. The great thing about this type of loan is that it allows you to get your gun back when you repay the loan. Plus, there's no hit on your credit if you don't repay, so if you change your mind about getting your gun back or are still dealing with financial woes, it's no problem. Just let us keep the gun, and your debt is cleared!

You can also use other items to take out one of our loans during a hard time, such as:

  • Brand name merchandise

  • Wide variety of power tools

  • Video games

  • Musical instruments

  • Smart TVs

  • Video equipment

  • Jewelry

...and a variety of other pre-owned items! One of our pawn loans is the perfect match for you when you're short on cash. Come in and let one of our customer support professionals assist you, whether you're selling or taking out a pawn loan!

Are you hoping to get the best deal for your firearm? We are passionate about guns, and we pay the most money. Our in-store experts will be happy to work with you today. Once you've been made an offer based on the value of the item and accept that offer, you'll get paid in cash!!! We're the best place to sell your gun, and we'll help you get a great deal.

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