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Pawn Loans on Guns Are Perfect for the Holidays

Pawn loans on guns are a great option if you need some quick cash for holiday travel, Christmas presents, or other holiday-related expenses...or any other scenario where you need extra cash. For many people, a short-term loan from a local pawn store suits their financial needs during the holiday season perfectly. Plus, we offer a great option for pretty much anyone, even if you don't have a long employment history or high income, and even if you have poor credit. The average amount of a pawn shop loan is $150, but we offer much bigger collateral-based loans than that. Borrow up to $50,000 when you work with us!

How Do Pawn Loans on Guns Work?

A typical pawn loan offers an easy way to borrow money. How it works is incredibly simple:

  • Bring an item of value (and your government issued ID) to our pawn shop. In this case, a firearm.

  • Let one of our helpful staff know that you want to take out an average pawn shop loan.

  • Give us a few minutes to determine the value of the stuff you've brought in....then, we'll let you know the amount of money you can borrow.

  • Accept our loan offer, leave your gun with us (for now), and walk out with a pawn ticket and cash today!

  • Repay your loan plus the interest before your due date, and get your gun back! It's that easy!

  • Need extra time to repay your loan? No problem! Just come in before your due date, let us know, and pay your existing interest and fees. We'll give you another 30 days, so you can get through the holiday season without worrying about repayment!

There's no credit check whatsoever, unlike with bank loans or loans from credit unions! Bad credit is never a problem here! Unlike with payday loans, you don't have to have a bank account, nor do we check your income or employment history. Plus, the annual percentage rate is a lot more reasonable than with many payday lenders. Pawn loans are excellent financial products, offered with the needs of the customer in mind! From small loan amounts to much bigger loans, Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is here to help you with holiday cash!

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Why Are Guns Good Collateral for Pawn Loans?

You can take out a collateral loan from a pawn shop with various items of value, including gold jewelry, video games, power tools, sporting goods, or other high-value items. If you're wondering why you should use your gun as collateral when you need extra money for the holiday season, consider the perks. If you have multiple firearms, you might not mind going without your gun for 30 days. Plus, since your loan is based on the value of the item that you pawn, using something valuable -- like a firearm or two -- is best if you're hoping to borrow as much cash for the holiday season as possible. You can even bring in multiple firearms for an even bigger loan!

​Have an Unwanted Gun? Sell it to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

If you have an unwanted gun and are looking for a way to get some cash for the holidays, a pawnshop loan isn't your only option. Instead of a personal loan, consider visiting Chesapeake Pawn & Gun to sell your gun! We make it fast and easy to sell your gun for top dollar, and then, you don't have to worry about repaying a loan.

Pawn shops like Chesapeake Pawn & Gun can help you with your pawn transaction this holiday season. Bring a gun (or even another item of value) to us, and we'll give you a loan today, regardless of your credit score. We are your local pawn broker, and you can count on us to help you out with a cash loan.

Pawn Loans at Chesapeake Pawn & Gun make it easy to get holiday cash!

Come see us or call today!


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