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Buy a Gun for Less at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

​Are you looking to buy a gun? Are you on a budget, or are you just hoping to get the best possible deal? Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is a licensed firearms dealer in Chesapeake, Virginia, and we offer good deals on all different types of firearms. We follow federal law, state law, and local laws here at your local gun shop, and we offer the best deals. Visit us as a prospective buyer, and we think you'll find the semi-automatic rifle, handgun, or other firearm that's right for you...all for a lower price.

​Affordable Handgun Sales is What We Do

Have you been thinking about buying semi-automatic pistols or semi-automatic handguns? We have both used and new guns of all different types. Skip the unlicensed sellers and overpriced gun stores, and choose us as your gun dealer for all firearm purchases. As your local dealer, we have handguns from brands like Glock, Sig Sauer, Taurus, and more! Get a great deal on a new or pre-owned handgun for personal protection, concealed carry, competitive shooting, or any other purpose. Aren't sure which handgun is right for you? Our in-store experts will be happy to chat with you about your needs, preferences and budget, and we'll help you choose the pistol or other handgun that is perfect for you!


​Buy a Gun: We Have Long Guns for Great Prices

Are you thinking about getting a hunting license, but don't have a firearm that is suitable for hunting? We are your local gun store when you're looking for bolt action rifles, a black powder gun, a shotgun, or any other weapon for hunting. Do you prefer long guns for home protection of yourself and your family members or recreational shooting? We've got you covered. Bring your government-issued identification, and be ready to make a deal. You can purchase a used rifle or shotgun, or you can buy a brand new's up to you!

Buy a Gun and Enjoy a Safe Environment & Great Customer Service

If you want to buy a gun and enjoy peace of mind, Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is one of the best places to buy. With private party transactions, you have to worry about accidentally breaking the law or not knowing about a new law. You have to worry about choosing meeting places and meeting with a stranger in many cases, which can be uncomfortable. Plus, you won't have a dealer record of sale.

If you want to avoid potential legal challenges, visit a licensed dealer with a background check system. We follow all applicable laws at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, and we handle the FBI background check and the firearms transaction record. Plus, we offer great customer service and expert advice at the time of purchase, whether it's your first time buying a gun or if you're a long-time gun enthusiast. Curious about what we have in stock? Check out our online gun shop to see our inventory before you come in. We're looking forward to helping you with getting a great deal when you buy a gun!

Are you looking for a local FFL dealer who will make it easy for you to buy a gun for less? Let Chesapeake Pawn and Gun be the FFL dealer of your choice. Any time that you're looking for affordable firearms purchases, we can help. We always have a selection of both new and used firearms for a fair price, and our inventory is always changing and growing! Come see us today for a great deal.


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