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Why You Should Buy a Gun From a Pawn Shop

If you're interested in buying a firearm, you might be wondering where to go. You could be thinking about going to a local gun store that specializes in selling new guns. You might have thought about looking for a private seller, or you could be thinking about going to a gun show. Although these are all options for shopping for a semi-automatic rifle or some other type of firearm, they might not be your best option. Instead, consider buying your gun from a pawn shop. These are just some of the reasons to use a pawn shop like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun as your go-to local gun shop any time that you're interested in making a firearm purchase.

Buy a gun

Enjoy a Great Selection of New and Used Firearms

Are you worried that your options will be limited if you shop at a gun store? Of course, this depends on which pawn shop you go to. At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, our number one focus is on firearms. We always have a great selection of guns for you to choose from, no matter what you're interested in.

For one thing, we buy new firearms. You can check out the selection of our new guns on our online gun shop. Note that you can't buy a gun through our website; as a licensed dealer, we aren't allowed to sell guns in this way. However, look at our online guns to get an idea of what we have in stock. Then, when you come in, bring in your government-issued identification card, and you'll be ready to buy!

We also always have a great selection of used firearms, and it's always changing on a day-to-day basis. As a licensed firearms dealer, we are always purchasing used guns. People know they can bring their handguns, rifles, and shotguns to us to get paid nicely. Then, we put these guns up for sale.

Get Help With Your Gun Purchase

Whether you're looking for short-barreled rifles, pistols, long guns, or any other type of firearm, we can help you with your purchase. That's one great reason to use us as your local FFL dealer when you're making firearms purchases. Our staff are highly experienced with firearms of all different brands and types. If you let us know what you're looking for, we can help you choose the perfect firearm for you. If you don't really know what type of gun you want to buy, tel us more about your experience, what you'll be using your firearm for, what your budget is, and any other relevant information. Then, we'll show you some of your options.

We even have an in-house gunsmith. He'll be more than happy to talk guns with you! We can even assist you with gun repairs if you need them, even if you didn't buy your gun from us.

Save Money on Your Firearm Purchase

One great reason to buy your firearm from a pawn shop is the fact that you can save a lot of money. Even on our new inventory, we offer great prices. If you want to save even more, buying used just makes sense. In many cases, you can buy a pre-owned firearm for a fraction of what a new one would cost. One of the most common questions we get is about how to save money on a firearm, and we offer great deals on all popular calibers and models.

​From semi-automatic handguns to rifles and shotguns, we offer firearms at a range of different price points. If you have a little more money to spend and would like to buy a big-ticket firearm, you can get a great deal on it here. If you're on a budget but are looking for something to use for home protection or hunting, don't assume you can't afford to purchase a firearm when you want one. Instead, use us as your local dealer. Let us know you're on a budget...we work with firearm buyers who are on a budget all the time! Whether it's your first time buying a firearm, or if you're hoping to add to a more extensive collection, we offer good deals all around.

Buy a Gun Safely and Legally

When purchasing a gun, it's important to follow all local laws, as well as state and federal law. With private sales from unlicensed sellers, it's easy to make a mistake that could result in legal issues later on down the road. If you make all of your firearm purchases from a reputable, licensed gun dealer like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, you don't have to worry about issues with private party transfers. Make us the FFL dealer of your choice, and we'll help you with a legal gun purchase while following all applicable laws.

Buying from us is also safer than many private party transactions. When you're a prospective buyer who is meeting with a stranger in various meeting places, there is a risk that you're meeting with someone who doesn't have good intentions. You can feel safe buying from our pawn and gun store! Just make sure you bring your government-issued identification (such as your driver's license or military identification card), and be prepared for us to run your information through the background check system. Buying your firearm from us will give you peace of mind.

You can buy all types of firearms from a pawn shop like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. There's no reason to shop any other way when you're in the market for long guns, semi-automatic pistols, an assault weapon, bolt-action rifles, and other firearms. There's no reason to use an FFL finder to search for a dealer. Come see us today, and you'll see why Hampton Roads residents see us as one of the best places to go for anything and everything related to guns.

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