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Why Sell Guns to a Pawn Shop? | Chesapeake

​Want to sell guns? Whether you have a handgun or long gun that you're interested in selling, you could be wondering about the best way to sell. Right now, you might have private sales in mind, but there is a better option: selling to a pawn shop. As your local gun store and pawn shop, we are here to help gun owners like you who want to sell a gun. If you're wondering why selling to us is a good option, keep reading. We think you'll see that coming to us for a cash offer on your gun is a great idea.


Sell Guns the Legal Way: Sell to a Local Dealer and Pawn Shop

Many private individuals accidentally worry about making some type of legal mistake when selling a firearm. Of course, you should always consult an attorney if you need legal advice related to firearms. However, selling to a reputable, federally licensed dealer with years of experience is often a good way to avoid possible problems. As your local gun broker, we understand the legal requirements that go along with buying and selling firearms, and we always follow local laws, state law, and federal law. We are fully knowledgeable and experienced with all applicable gun laws, from federal to state laws.

Sell Guns on the Spot: We'll Buy Your Gun in Cash Today!

It can sometimes take several days to find a potential buyer when you try to handle private firearm sales yourself. If you're hoping to get cash as soon as possible, sticking to gun sales with your local federal firearms licensee is a good option. Basically, you don't have to waste time looking for prospective buyers. Instead, you can just walk in, let us know you want to sell your gun, and get it over with on the spot. Whether you just need the money quickly or if you're just hoping to make the transaction faster and easier for yourself, we offer the best solution for selling all different types of firearms.

Our Pawn and Gun Store Pays the Most for Used Firearms

When you're looking for gun buyers, you likely want to make sure you can sell your gun for as much money as possible. This is true whether you're selling just one gun or your whole collection. From like new rifles to older handguns and everything in-between, we have experience as a firearms appraiser. Paying what you deserve for your firearm is part of our business model. Come see us if you're hoping to get paid more when selling a firearm.

Pawn a Gun Instead of Selling -- We Can Help!

If you're short on cash, you could be thinking about selling a like new firearm that you'd really rather keep. When you're in a pinch, it might seem like the best way to put some much-needed cash in your pocket, especially if you sell to a buyer that pays higher prices. However, if you visit us, we can help you with an alternative -- pawning a gun instead of selling. We do multiple things in the firearms industry; in addition to buying and selling, we make loans on guns, too.

Basically, you bring in your gun, and the amount that we'd give you if you were selling it is the amount we'll give you as a loan. We'll hold on to your gun as collateral. Come back and repay the loan plus interest, and get your gun back. Just be aware that this is considered a transfer of ownership, so we will need to perform a background check before you can get your gun back. However, for many, this is a great way to get much-needed cash without having to permanently give up your firearm! Let us know if you're interested in taking out a pawn loan.

Ready to sell guns and looking for the best place to sell? You don't have to keep looking for private buyers or local shops who will help. As your local gun shop and pawn store, Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is here to pay you based on the value of your firearm. Visit us any time during our normal business hours for a quick and easy sale and a fast payment for your gun. Come find out why gun enthusiasts from all over Hampton Roads see us as one of the best firearms dealers out there.

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