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Why Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is the Best Gun Store in Chesapeake

If you have been looking for the perfect gun store in Chesapeake, you've found it! Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is well-known for our great reputation, great prices, and excellent customer service. If you are looking for the right gun for you and want to get a good deal, there's no reason to shop anywhere else. We have a good selection of different firearms for you to check out at great prices, and we offer great customer service each step of the way. No matter your experience level as a firearm owner, we are the premium gun dealer service you can count on in the Hampton Roads area. Come see us today!

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Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is a Trusted Gun Store in Chesapeake

Our reputation is of the utmost importance. If you haven't heard of us yet, you might be new to the area or might not know much about guns. Our convenient location here in Chesapeake is well-known, and gun enthusiasts from all around Hampton Roads know to come see us before spending their hard-earned money elsewhere. We offer a welcoming family-friendly atmosphere, and we are well known for offering a ton of options at good prices. Both old and new customers alike know they can visit Chesapeake Pawn & Gun for a great experience when buying a firearm.

Enjoy a Great Selection of New & Used Guns at Our Gun Store

Yes, we're a pawn shop, and yes, that means we have pre-owned firearms. Many of the easy going guys and gals who visit our store and are looking for a great deal love that we have used guns for great prices. However, if you're prefer a brand new gun, our award-winning customer service team can help you with making your purchase, too. We have both used and new guns in stock all the time, and our inventory is always growing and changing. No matter what you're looking for, chances are good we can help. You can even check out our online store before you visit -- this makes it easy for you to see what we have in stock and what our amazing pricing is like!

Buy, Sell, Trade, or Get Loans on Guns Here

Yes, we sell a lot of guns here, but we offer other services, too. Are you interested in selling a semi-automatic pistol or other unwanted gun? We'll buy it for top dollar. In fact, we buy everything from single unwanted guns to entire gun collections, on the spot, so bring us your unwanted firearm for a fast and easy way to sell today. Are you hoping to take out a pawn loan? We will make you a loan offer on your gun or other items of value (such as rare gold, silver coins, etc.) without a credit check, whether you're pawning a long gun or handgun. We even have in-house gunsmith services that you can take advantage of, even if you didn't buy your gun from us. We are your favorite American pawn and gun store...we aren't the average pawn and jewelry store. Our employees are helpful, experienced, knowledgeable, and have great attitudes, and we will help you with pretty much anything related to firearms, whether you're shopping for a gun or selling your entire collection of unwanted firearms. Offering the best user experience is important to us, so come see us!

If you are looking for the best local FFL gun dealer in the Chesapeake and Hampton Roads area, there's no reason to visit any other store than Chesapeake Pawn & Gun. We are the best pawn shop and gun store for anything and everything firearm-related, period. We are a solid shop with a great atmosphere, helpful staff, and great deals....always! Let Chesapeake Pawn & Gun be your local gun shop for everything related to guns, and we think you'll see why so many locals consider us to be the superior pawn and gun store in the area. We are looking to serve you here at your local friendly neighborhood gun shop & pawn store!

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