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We Buy Guns in Chesapeake for Top Dollar

We buy guns in Chesapeake. In fact, we're the best place for local residents to sell individual firearms or entire gun collections. Finding gun buyers can sometimes be challenging. In particular, it can be hard to find someone who is willing to offer you a fair price based on the value of your firearm. If you have a used gun and want to turn it into cash, come see us, your local gun shop in Hampton Roads.

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We Buy Guns Six Days a Week!

As the FFL of your choice, we are willing to make a cash offer on your firearm anytime during our regular business hours. This is one of the most popular business transactions we do here, so every day that we're open, we're willing to make deals on used or like new guns that you're interested in selling. It's the quickest way to sell your gun, and it's the easy and legal way, too.

We Buy Guns of All Different Types

We deal in all different types of firearms at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. Local customers come in and ask our well-trained staff for all different types of firearms when they're in the market to make a gun purchase. Some of our customers are interested in long guns, while others are looking to add a handgun to their collection of guns. We like to keep all of these customers happy by offering a wide range of different new and used firearms for them to look at.

Because of that, we're willing to make an offer on pretty much any type of firearm, regardless of the brand or model. We're not only willing to make offers on individual firearms, but we'll buy a large collection, too. After all, buying more firearms allows us to offer the bigger selection that our customers have come to count on us for. Bring us your shotgun, hunting rifle, semi-automatic pistol...we're interested, and we pay the best prices for all of these firearms and more.

Get More for Your Firearm at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

Naturally, getting paid in the higher price ranges is probably your goal when selling a firearm. Why sell your firearm for less than it's worth, after all? As an experienced federal firearms licensee, we have a lot of experience as a firearms appraiser. We'll look at the specific firearm that you have, as well as the condition of the gun. The whole process doesn't take long, but our experienced staff can be counted on to make you a great offer.

We Buy Guns & More in Hampton Roads

As your local gun dealer, we do more than just offer the highest prices for unwanted used firearms. We also sell both new and used firearms; you can even check out our online gun store to see what we have in stock right now. (Remember, you'll have to come in to make the purchase...our website is just informational, so you can check out what we have available and our pricing.) We follow all state and federal gun regulations!

We even do repair work on guns, and we offer professional gun cleaning. We have an in-house gunsmith who is here to help you with your firearm, whether it's a home defense weapon, a hunting rifle, or a gun that you use for competitive shooting. We do repair work on all different types of guns, even if you didn't buy your firearm here!

Are you ready to get a good deal on all different types of firearms? Whether you're buying or selling, we are the only place you need to visit for anything gun-related. Bring us a single firearm that you don't want anymore, or let us make you an offer on your entire collection. As a licensed FFL dealer with years of experience in the local firearms industry, we're your go-to. Come get your cash or store credit today. We make it fast and easy!

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