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Sell a Gun or Take Out a Gun Loan for the Holiday Season

Pawn stores like Chesapeake Pawn & Gun make it easy for you to get the money you need this holiday season. You can sell a gun or take out a gun loan. What are our gun loans? Well, it's a collateral-based pawn loan that you can take out using your firearm as collateral. On the other hand, you can sell an unwanted gun in good condition and get paid the highest dollar amount, right during the time of year when you need the extra money the most. Come see us for gun sales, an alternative loan, and in-store expertise. We help people with all credit types...bad credit doesn't matter to us!

Sell a Gun to Get Holiday Cash: It Couldn't Be Easier at Our Pawn & Gun Store

Selling pre-owned items to a pawn shop is often a good way to get some extra holiday cash. It's perfectly normal to need assistance during this expensive time of year, and selling an unwanted firearm can help you get the money you need. We will make you a free offer on your firearm, and we follow all local, state, and federal law when making a gun purchase from one of our customers. We have years of experience as gun dealers, so we're always a great place to sell your firearm. Come get your free appraisal today, and walk out with cash for the holidays in no time!

Why sell handguns and long guns to us instead of operating as a private seller? Private gun sales come with risks. You'll have to write up your own bill of sale when selling to a private individual, and there's a chance you might not know about state laws, federal law, and so on. Reputable firearms dealers at pawn and gun shops like Chesapeake Pawn and Gun know and follow all gun laws. Selling to a licensed dealer is often better than working with a private buyer. Even experienced gun owners have made mistakes when selling a used firearm or new firearm to a prohibited person or otherwise did something outside of state level and federal regulations. Visit our place of business to both get a fair price and make sure you're following all laws at local, state, and federal level when making firearm sales. The sale of firearms is also faster and easier with us! It's truly the easiest way for a private citizen to get paid in cash while following all firearm regulations. We are your local gun shop, and we should always be considered first as potential buyers for your unwanted firearm. Come visit us any time during our normal business hours. It's a good idea to skip the process of looking for potential customers to buy your gun or worrying about legal requirements that go along with private transactions. Come see us for a fast sale and transfer of a firearm, and leave with holiday cash on the spot.

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Take Out a Gun for Quick & Easy Cash With No Credit Check

You can have more purchasing power this holiday season if you take out a quick and easy personal loan from our pawn and gun shop. Luckily, we don't care about your credit score! The loan application process and approval process is easy. There's no hard credit inquiry on your credit. We don't check credit, we don't ask for proof of income, and we don't ask for a bunch of application details or information about your bank account. We'll offer you a loan amount based on the value of your firearm, and we'll ask for your ID and signature on our firearm loans. That's it. Credit approval is never a problem! You don't need a credit card, nor do you have to worry about paying an outrageous interest rate. Just be aware that background checks are required by law when you come to repay your loan and retrieve your gun. We'll explain it all when you visit. Pawn, gun, and ammunition stores like ours are here to help you, all while following all applicable laws and requirements!

Our gun store and pawn shop offers a hassle-free way to get cash for the holiday season. We've been in the gun industry for years and have done many pawn transactions. Come get a great deal when selling your gun...we'll pay a higher purchase amount than our competitors! We are also the leading provider of pawn loans in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads, especially on guns. Either way, we offer the best way to get extra cash for the holidays, all while following federal, state, and local laws related to firearms. We buy both old and new guns of all different types as your local federal firearms licensee, and we'll take down a record of the transaction and give you the best deal, too.

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