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3 Steps to Sell a Gun in One Day in Chesapeake

If you want to sell a gun, you might be wondering if it will be a big ordeal. The truth is that private gun sales can be time consuming. You have to go through the hassle of financing a private individual who wants to buy your gun; this can be harder than you think, especially since there are a lot of restrictions about advertising guns on sites like Facebook Marketplace. Even if you do find a private buyer, you have to coordinate with them to meet up. You have to worry about them not showing up or offering you less than you were hoping to make for the sale of firearms. This doesn't even get into the potential legal complications that go along with private sales...potentially selling to a prohibited person unknowingly, accidentally breaking state laws or federal law, and so on.

You can avoid all of these hassles and sell your gun TODAY if you follow a few simple steps. Chesapeake Pawn & Gun is your local pawn and gun store, and we offer you the fastest, easiest way to sell your firearm. Selling a gun in just one day is so much easier than you probably thought!

Handgun with ammo

1. Prepare Your Gun

Before you visit our place of business, you'll need to determine which guns you want to sell for extra cash. Then, grab any paperwork that you have for them, and make sure they are unloaded and that the safety is on. Put your firearm in the case, if you have one. Then, it'll be ready to sell, whether it's a new firearm that you haven't had long, or if it's an older firearm that has been passed down by your family for generations.

Many gun owners who have a bigger collection wonder which gun they can sell to a licensed dealer in order to get the most cash. We'll give you a fair price for any gun that you're interested in selling, but obviously, some firearms are more valuable than others. Since there's no obligation, bring multiple firearms to us, and we'll give you an offer on the spot for each one. Then, you can choose which one(s) you want to sell for cash. Just be aware that it may take a few more minutes for us to assess your firearms if you bring multiple in at once. If you're wondering how much you'll get for your gun, the best way to find out is to walk in, let us know you're one of our potential customers who wants an offer on your gun, and we'll make you an offer right then!

2. Grab Your ID

As one of the best gun shops in Hampton Roads, we always follow all state level laws and federal regulations with all firearm sales and purchases. To be compliant with firearm regulations as a local gun shop, we are required to ask you for your government-issued ID. Make sure to grab it and check to see it's not expired before you come in. This will help you avoid any delays and will help you comply with the legal requirements when you sell us your firearm.

3. Sell a Gun to Chesapeake Pawn and Gun

Once you've grabbed your state license or ID and have prepared your firearm, the rest is easy! Visit Chesapeake Pawn & Gun -- your local federal firearms licensee -- during our normal business hours, and tell us you're interested in the sale and transfer of a firearm. Give one of our in-store experts a chance to look over your gun; they'll check the serial number and model, consider the firearm's condition, and so on.

After we've had a chance to look at your gun, as firearms dealers, we will make you an offer and then take the steps to buy your used firearm in accordance with all applicable gun laws. You'll have a paper trail and will know that everything is done legally on a state and federal level, so it's less risky than selling to a private citizen. Plus, perhaps most importantly, you can sell handguns and long guns the same day! Plus, we'll handle pretty much everything related to the sale and FFL transfer, so it's a much easier way to sell than looking for potential buyers and selling privately or at one of the local gun shows.


If you're interested in selling a used firearm while getting paid the most and following all applicable laws (including federal, state, and local laws), visit Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. It's a good idea to sell to us if you want to sell as fast as possible, all while getting what you deserve for your firearm!

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