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On the Range Again with Glenda

After my first time going to the range with G as I explained in my first blog, I felt a little relieved at the fact that it went surprisingly well. I was also relieved discovering I actually enjoyed myself and had fun shooting. So, when we made plans to go again, I was pretty excited. I knew that nobody expected me to be perfect right off the bat and that it was going to take some time to figure out what works for me. I was so ready to get out there and have some more fun!

Choosing a Pistol | Firearms Training

This time around I needed to figure out which pistol I felt the most comfortable shooting. We got out 4 different

competition pistols and got them loaded and ready to fire. It was going to be between a Glock 34 gen4, the Walther Q5 match sf, the CZ 75 tactical sport orange, and the Sig p320 X-five. The first one that I tried out was the Glock 34 I liked the pyramid trigger and the fact that it was a lighter gun but with it being lighter it did have more felt recoil which I was not a huge fan of. Onto the next. The Walther was a much heavier and a bulkier gun. Just going off the weight of it and the feel of the grip I knew it wasn’t going to be my favorite. Then I shot the CZ, it was also a heavier gun but had a little bit of a sleeker design, so I did like it over the Walther. But like the Walther I was not a huge fan of the grip. Then lastly, I shot the Sig X-Five and right away it felt more comfortable in my hands. It wasn’t too heavy or too light, didn’t have a bunch of bulky additions on it. There wasn’t a thick bumpy grip on it. This porridge was juuuust right. I was shooting more accurately with it because I was more comfortable. I knew this was going to be my competition pistol. Although they were all great guns and I’m sure plenty of people would choose one of the other ones over the Sig, for me personally this was the best fit. These are also all guns we typically have in stock at the shop if you’re interested in trying them out for yourself.

My Sig Sauer P320 X-Five

Now I know I am no expert on guns or the mechanics of each of the ones I tried out, all I based my decision off of was what was comfortable to me. Now that I have the pistol that I feel the most comfortable shooting I think it’s going to be easier to focus on getting everything else right. Instead of having a different handgun every time I train and trying to adjust to different grips and triggers and sizes. I will be able to think way more about hand positioning, trigger pull, aiming, and everything else that goes into becoming a better shooter. My next decision is going to be choosing which pistol I prefer to use for my concealed carry. I’m excited to get back out there to keep learning and sharing with you along the way!

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