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Best Position for Concealed Carry

After being out on the range a few times, and doing Dry-Fire at home, I have become more comfortable with handling firearms. Although it has taken quite some time to get completely used to the flow of things. This time around we were going to work on safety aspects and training for concealed carry. Specifically we worked on appendix or apex carry. Not only just how to draw from an apex carry position, but the reason for carrying it and what to do should the situation escalate to this defense level. After all we aren’t just carrying it around for show. If you’re going to carry please get some professional training. Glenda uses, and recommends Hank Hayes of Intuitive Self Protection to all her friends. I will be training with him in the near future.

Appendix or Apex Carry

In my last post I talked about picking my pistol and ending up with a Sig P320 X-Five for competition so naturally G got me a sig for this next lesson as well. We used an unloaded Sig 365 XL to practice the draw of a firearm from the apex position. It was surprising difficult. Not only do you have to move your shirt out of the way but its way harder to get your fingers in the right gripping position when it’s squished in between you, a holster, and your pants. I was having difficulty with my middle finger sticking out instead of having it around the grip like it should be. I knew it was going to take quite a bit of practice to get it right especially when you consider I was moving slow as molasses, and still had a hard time. Plus, not only is it just more difficult in general to draw from that area but it is much more dangerous. There’s way more room for error and chance of hurting yourself if you are not properly trained to conceal carry in any position but especially apex. Over the course of the day I came to realize there’s more to this than it seems like there would be. Some people (Glenda) just make it look easy.

Situational Awareness

Obviously the biggest reason for concealing a firearm is to protect yourself if you are forced to that extreme. The biggest part of my lesson was about situational awareness and the best way to not use your weapon by avoiding putting yourself in harm’s way. The first step to protecting yourself is to always be aware of your surroundings. If you know what is going on around you, you will always have a better chance at defending yourself by simply avoiding the issue. However, if forced into a position of defense of life, training is the key to protecting yourself or those around you.

So now that I have a proper understanding of how to draw a concealed firearm and how I should use it in a defense scenario I feel more comfortable to start practicing with a loaded pistol next time. And hopefully get in some training with Hank. I’ll tell you all about it here on the blog.

Bre Neadow Sig P320 X-Five Legion
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