Concealed Carry Certification or Firearms Training in Chesapeake VA

Firearms Training in Chesapeake VA

I recently attended the most unique Concealed Carry Certification Course I’ve ever been involved with. From this course I learned that Firearms Training is far more than getting a certification. This was a two-day event put on by Intuitive Self Protection out of Virginia Beach. The man behind the name is Hank Hayes. Hank is a giant personality in a large powerful frame. I say it that way because I’m a fairly small and somewhat aged Female. At 57 years old I had an opportunity to train with Hank for the first time a few months ago. I knew then I would not only like but would learn a ton from him and his course.

Concealed Carry Certification Chesapeake | Intuitive Self Protection

The first thing people tend to think about when asking us here at the store about a Concealed Carry Class is can I do it online? And yes, you can, if you have previous military or police instruction, couple other ways as well. If not, you do the online work and then go to a range and demonstrate an ability to shoot. Not one thing about any of that teaches you to shoot under duress. Nor does it teach you to draw and fire on the move. I could go on for pages discussing the problems with this type of teaching. What we here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun tell folks is… you want proper training that teaches far more than shooting a target at 12 yards. You want Firearms Training like the Protective Pistol level 1 course Hank puts on. They also have a Simplified Concealed Carry Certification course you can start with, but I recommend the 2-day event.

Firearms Training | Yes, but There’s More to Carrying Concealed

Something I have always suggested to people is a basic idea of what and when to use a firearm. I have a new apprentice and I’ve been teaching her everything from competition shooting, distance shooting, hunting style shooting and yes concealed carry… and all that entails. Bre is picking things up quickly, I’m sure you’ve seen her on our FB and Instagram. Now I’ve been teaching family and friends for years but after Hanks course I added to what I tell people. Actually, I added to what I do. I make sure I go out of my way to tell people that in the overwhelmingly vast majority of time nearly every situation can be resolved, prevented, or avoided without using or even considering using your pistol. Primarily, be aware of your surroundings, situational awareness. Sounds cliche but pay attention to what’s going on around you. If you suspect or see a situation evolving begin to move out of the area. Start there, there’s lots more to this but these are the things you learn in live action on an open outdoor range when you receive proper firearms training. Give Hank a call, he can help you too.

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