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This job is a bit of everything 

We are looking for someone to fill the role played by Glenda, Nina, Bre, and all the things they are and do, to fill a full time position with Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. Now nobody can be three people but a bit of each would be great.

Part Model

Part Store Employee

Social Media Manager

Social Media Influencer

Content Creator



Shooting Competitions and maybe even Tactical Games Competitor and lots of time on the range and in the field.

This position is for a person who can think and act on their own. Come up with marketing ideas and implement those without direct supervision. This is a "Make it Happen" job for an athletic outgoing person who has firearms skills or can demonstrate an ability to learn these skills and all other aspects of the job. We have found people with experience in team or individual sports or in general, athletes like Crossfit folks are very good at picking up the skills we are looking for. General Photography Skills, General Computer skills, all things needed for content creation and distribution. You don't need all these skills already but you must be teachable, willing, and physically able to tackle all these tasks.

All things Marketing, Gun, and Gun Store Related. Some dealing with the public experience would be great. 

Salary is based on experience and demonstrated skill level. 

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There will be lots of time on the range. Taking pics and videos will be a huge part of this position. After all thats where the marketing material comes from. We will also be spotlighting different firearms for sale in the store



Training takes many forms. You will train for competitions as well as self defense when the opportunities arise.


Content Creation

Coming up with ideas has to come from your research and general knowledge. Always looking for something new.


Social Media and Website

This is where it matters. Everything you do will be the only thing people see. That means if it works you get the credit if it doesn't, back to the drawing board, again and again.


Modeling with Inventory

Modeling is a big part of content creation as social media is image based media. And not just social media but our website, radio, and tv ads cater to the Gun Store typical customer. 



When hunting season comes around we will be out hunting and videoing. Not to mention predator hunting all year round.

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Kristen at 757-485-7296