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Cheap Wedding Ring Sets at Your Local Pawn Shop

Getting a good deal on your wedding ring sets can be difficult, and with other marriage expenses and it can also be incredibly stressful. Most stores require that the engagement rings and wedding rings are bought as separate items, which can add up to be very costly. Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, and sister stores Hilltop Pawn (Virginia Beach) and Greenbrier Pawn (Chesapeake), buy, sell, and give loans on a number of wedding ring sets on a daily basis. This allows us to have a large and ever-changing selection, and an affordable one, at that! 



Wedding Ring Sets | Chesapeake Pawn Shop

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers, so we always have a variety of popular engagement ring styles at either this store or one of our others.  Chesapeake Pawn and Gun's knowledgable staff can help you find a beautiful wedding ring set that fits your budget and your aesthetic preferences. We carry plethora of gem stones and many styles of loose diamonds, so that allows us to create a wedding ring set that fits your style perfectly. Our stores' in-store jeweler refurbishes and cleans each piece of jewelry before it is sold, and is known for his precise talent and craftsmanship, especially when making custom wedding and engagement rings. 

Cheap Wedding Ring Set | Chesapeake Pawn and Gun 

Stop into Chesapeake Pawn and Gun today to check out wedding ring sets and cheap engagement rings, and you will find a variety of high quality rings for half the price! (757)485-7296