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Chesapeake Pawn and Gun loves to help their customers find the guns and ammo to suit their needs, and the Sig Sauer brand is almost always a favorite among our customers and employees. Sig Sauer has a reputation of having a reliable, large and versitile line of weaponry, and the P227 series is no exception to the rule.

Sig Sauer P227 Review | Online Gun Store 

About the Sig Sauer P227: 

Sig Sauer's P227 comes in eight different styles (P227 TACOPS, P227 Carry Nitron, P227 SAS Gen 2, P227 Nitron, P227 Enhanced Elite, P227 Equinox, P227 Flat Dark Earth, and P227 Tactical), but all are .45 ACP handguns. The particular model in the video is the Nitron, that has a 10 +1 round capacity, but some models have up to a 14 +1 round capacity. The 227 has double stack magazines, but has a remarkably thin grip for having such.  It is made with an alloy frame and a stainless steel slide, and is a Double-Action/Single Action handgun. This means that as long as the hammer is back it just requires the pull of the trigger to shoot multiple rounds. With that it has a firing pin block, to allow safe carry, even with a loaded chamber. The P227 is popular among law enforcement and military, and its grip size and short trigger make it a highly controllable .45 caliber handgun. 


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