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Since 1979 Kimber Manufacturing has been specializing in firearms, knives, and other weaponry. Used by military, law enforcement, hunting enthusiasts, and civilians in need of personal defense, Kimber has always been able to provide their customers with the products that serve their needs. The Pro Crimson Carry II is another fine example of Kimber's "Quality Without Compromise." 


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About the Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II:

The Pro Crimson Carry II is a 1911 Style .45 Caliber handgun. It is a single-action semi-automatic, and comes standard with a 7+1 round capacity and laser grip for accurate shots. This model of Kimber weighs 28 ounces and is built with an aluminum frame and a 4" bushingless bullbarrel . This allows for a light weight carry, unparalelled accuracy and a very controlled recoil, so it is very popular option for home defense, law enforcement, and concealed carry.


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