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First off, though, we want to remind people of the excellent exterior of these Glock guns and how important it is for the ultimate control when in use. Check out our online gun store for a better price than in the store.

The Grip Continues to Improve

On the Gen 4 of the Glock 17, you have a customized grip that continues making it an industry leader for those of any hand size. Any gun enabling customization for hand size is worth its weight in gold since few handguns allow this level of convenience. Speaking of weight, the polymer frame and nitrate treatment on the gun's body brings an added durability while still lessening how much it weighs.

Using a new, rough-textured surface, you have a gun surface tested out in real-world situations. As such, you're guaranteed durability in every scenario. This is vastly important when you're using the Glock 17 regularly in dangerous situations where self-defense is ongoing.

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Superior Internal Structure

The Glock company continually reminds us of how important the internal magazine is on any pistol to gain the best performance. The Gen 4 edition of the Glock 17 has a redesigned magazine that's precision-made and capable of using any type of ammunition. Because it's so lightweight, you can disassemble it in mere seconds.

Once again, with use of polymer on the magazine, you have added durability as well for assured performance lasting for years.

When you invest well over $600 for a Glock, you want it to last a lifetime. You can get the Gen 4 new through us for only $552.33. This is a price you won't find many other places, especially on an online gun store.

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