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At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we do our best to stay up to date with the latest jewelry, engagement ring, and wedding band trends, because we love to supply our customers with what they are looking for. Next to the princess cut and round cut, the cushion cut (also referrred to as "pillow-cut") is the most popular jewelry style of engagement ring sold. From Jennifer Garner's four and a half carat ring, to Miley Cyrus's antique-style ring, the timeless style of the cushion cut ring is a stunning engagement ring option, and is available in a multitude of styles and price points. 

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Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings | Wedding Band Set

As pictured above, cushion cut halo engagement rings are one of the most beautiful and popular options. This is because it has an eye-catching and classic style that many women favor. They are also available in many different sizes, so even if your ring budget isn't high, you can still aquire a ring that you will admire for years to come. 

What is Cushion Cut? 

What is Cushion Cut | Chesapeake Pawn Shop

Cushion cut diamonds, as mentioned prior, are also called pillow-cut diamonds, because they have the shape of a rounded square. This cut is often seen in antique and vintage style rings because it has been a popular style for nearly 200 years, opposed to the princess cut that was not developed until the 1960's.  At one time it was even called a "candle-light diamond," for that was the method of cushion cut production before the modern cutting equipment was developed. Cushion cut comes with in a number of other sub-categoried styles, such as "chunky cushion" and "crushed ice." White gold and platinum are popular settings for this cut.


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3 Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Ring | Platinum Settings

To learn more, please contact our store at (757)485-7296. We have a large variety of quality cushion cut rings that can even be customized to suit the particular style of you or your loved one. We can help you create a beautiful ring, and an even more beautiful memory!