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At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, Colt is definitely one of the most asked for brands that we carry. Since 1836 Colt has been making reliable and affordable firearms, and still remains to produce firearms that are popular among collectors, military, and civilians alike. The Colt M4 is yet another sought-after model that is enjoyed by many AR collectors. 

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About the Colt M4: 

The M4 is a 5.56 mm Carbine. This assault rifle is able to shoot up to 950 rounds per minute, and only weighs a little over 6 lbs. The M4 is only slightly different from the AR-15, because it is a bit shorter and lighter. Colt's M4 is the only 5.56 mm carbine in the world today that is produced to meet the strict performance specifications required for use by the United States Armed Forces, and has proven itself in many military instances all over the world. 


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