Rolex Explorer II | Chesapeake Pawn and Gun will lend on all Rolex watches

Rolex Explorer

In 1971, Rolex launched the Explorer II (ref. 1655). This watch tool, incorporated a large orange needle for a 24-hour display, bezel engraved and graduate. Only sold with stainless steel case and black dial. The needle always remained Synchronized 24 hours with the hours … in other words, the Explorer II 1655 was not a clock “GMT”, since it could not be adjusted independently needle 24 hours ..

The hand 24 hours – is used to indicate whether the time refers to AM or PM example 10 hours or 22 hours, combined with 24-hour graduated bezel, especially useful for cavers, that spend most of their time in dark caves , resulted in losing all sense of day or night.

For the design and size the Explorer II 1655, was remarkable in its release. Due to the large orange needle 24 hours, was nicknamed “Freccione” (arrow) by Italian collectors.

In the black sphere model, the needles create the “ghost” that effect is achieved by painting in black the tail mimicking well with the black color of the field and therefore not see a clear connection between the arrows and cannon of needles, so that appear to “float” on the dial.

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