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Sell and Buy Jewelry in Chesapeake, VA

Being that the economy is in a tough spot right now, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re local and intend to sell jewelry in Chesapeake, Va. Pawn shop loans are on the rise, as well as the popularity of pawn shops, and more people are turning to the convenience of a pawn shop without going to a jeweler first.

Chesapeake Pawn & Gun prides itself in being able to change the opinions of customers who formerly may have considered pawn shops to be a last resort. But if you’ve been watching the inner-workings of pawn shops on reality television shows, you’d see that we’re even fairer than the average place.

You shouldn’t have to feel cornered into selling jewelry worth so much more for such low prices. In the same manner, people who go to buy jewelry in Chesapeake, VA, shouldn’t have to pull so much money out of their pockets.

Sell Jewelry in Chesapeake, VA

When you want to sell jewelry in Chesapeake, VA, of course you want the most for your money. The first step in getting the most for your money is to make sure that the value of your item is fairly represented and tested. We keep customers who are interested in selling their jewelry to us completely in the loop by informing them of everything that we’re doing.

Because we put the jewelry through specific tests (depending on the item), we can’t give you estimates over the phone. And it doesn’t cost to get a valuation if you come into the store. If you’re curious, but haven’t fully made the commitment to sell jewelry in Chesapeake, VA, that’s fine, too. You can simply come in, get a value on your item, and decide on the spot if selling your jewelry is something that you want to do.

Buy Jewelry in Chesapeake, VA

As you can see, we take the items we decide to purchase from consumers very seriously. This serves as a dual purpose: so that we can give customers a fair value on the jewelry they decide to sell, AND so that we can sell that jewelry to other people that come to buy jewelry in Chesapeake, VA. Similarly, we buy a large variety of jewelry so that when people come in to buy jewelry, they have many pieces to choose from.

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