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When you want to sell your gun in Chesapeake, VA, come to Chesapeake Pawn & Gun. We’ve completely revitalized our business that we can position ourselves as gun experts in the pawn shop industry, in addition to catering to the other services we offer, such as jewelry and loans.

There are many reasons why you’d want to sell your gun in Chesapeake, Va. Perhaps you want to sell it to get a new gun. Or perhaps you need the cash quick and figure that giving up your gun is the best option for you. The good thing is that no matter why you want to sell your gun in Chesapeake, VA, we can assist you.

Sell Your Gun in Chesapeake, VA | Buy, Sell, or Pawn My Gun

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If you come to our pawn shop to sell your gun in Chesapeake, VA, you’ve come to the right place. We have rigorous testing policies in order to make sure that you get the most money that you can. If you have another priority but would hate to permanently separate from your gun, you can pawn it and take out a loan. Our loan process is very easy and simple and can be filled out in minutes once we take a look at your gun. If you have doubts, you can get a value on your gun for free—and there’s no harm in that.

If you want to sell your gun in Chesapeake, VA, to exchange it for a new one, we have plenty of name brands on the floor that you’ll love. We carry the top brands, both new and used, so that you have as many options as possible. Regardless of your budget, your style, and your intended use, there’s something for you. Speak to our staff about what your gun is worth and, if you’d like to buy a gun, browse the floor. If you have a gun in mind that you don’t see, there’s chance that we could have it at one of our neighboring stores, or we could order it for you.

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