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Buy Antique and Used Guns

When deciding to buy old or used firearms, it probably comes down to your budget. As it happens, Chesapeake Pawn & Gun operates with the customer in mind, and that includes considering various budgets when we mark prices on our guns.

Used Guns For Sale in Chesapeake VA

When you buy used guns, you know that you’re paying for that the gun is actually worth in its current condition. Buying used guns can be a great option for people who are on a budget and don’t feel the need to buy a new gun, so long as the gun works. This might be a great choice for an individual who simply wants to have a gun for protection, and doesn’t necessarily shoot for fun or hunt.
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A gun collector might come into the store to buy new or used guns depending on the brand, make, and year it was made. No matter what your needs are, our new and used guns give you great choices. If you need help directing you on what to choose, speak to our staff and gunsmith.In addition to buying both old and new firearms, you can also sell old and new firearms. We want you to be able to come into Chesapeake Pawn & Gun for all of your needs—whether you want to buy a piece of jewelry or sell your firearms. Check out our loan page for more information on pawning your gun for a fair loan.