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The AR-15 looks like the M-16 military service rifle that first saw combat in Vietnam. Truly, the AR-15 does not look like a traditional sporting rifle. Neither, in their time, did the Spencer or the Springfield. What the AR-15 does look like is the latest iteration of a modern rifle that employs advanced technology and ergonomic design to produce an exceptionally reliable, rugged and accurate sporting rifle.

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Produced in different configurations and chambered in a variety of calibers, AR-type rifles not only can be used for, indeed are exceptionally well suited to, many types of hunting, precision target shooting as well as personal protection. In recent years, AR-type rifles have become among the most popular sporting rifles sold in the United States. At Chesapeake Pawn Gun Bow Bait and Tackle we carry several makes of AR-15 rifle. Stop in today.







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