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Georg Luger was the developer of the 9mm cartridge, but it was late in his career. Earlier, he worked with Hugo Borchardt. Together, they developed the 7.65 Borchardt cartridge in 1893, which became the first commercially viable semi-auto bullet and pistol combination. The pistol, the C/93, was large and unwieldy. Due to a small manufacturer, Mauser took and improved upon the design, creating the Broomhandle Mauser.

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Due to the advent of this gun, Borchardt and Luger intended to design a new, better pistol. After iteration, Luger created the Model 1900 Luger pistol, which was picked up in small numbers by the Swiss military. It still used the 7.65 Borchardt round, which the Swiss considered too small and slow, so Luger set about designing a new bullet.

Taking the 7.65 Borchardt round, Luger removed the bottleneck design and shortened the cartridge. This allowed it to hold a larger bullet, of 9mm diameter. He named this round the Parabellum, after the Latin phrase meaning, “If you wish peace, prepare for war.”

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