300 WSM / 300 Winchester Short Magnum | Chesapeake Pawn and Gun in Chesapeake VA

300 WSM - 300 Winchester Short MagnumThe .300 Winchester Short Magnum (.300 WSM) was designed in 2001 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The design has no parent case and is based off a .308 bullet with a 1:10 twist and large rifle magnum primer. The ballistic performances based off four grain types for velocity are 3,313 ft/s (150 gr), 3,223 ft/s (165 gr), 3,095 ft/s (180 gr), and 2,822 ft/s (200 gr). Factory loaded ammunition can be found from Olin (Winchester) starting at 150 grain on up to 180 grain. Hand loading brass ranges from 130 grain at 3,500 ft/s up to 220 grain at 2,600 ft/s depending on the type of powder load. The .300 WSM is better suited for shooters who can read variables such as wind/distance to help ensure well-placed shots on targets.

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