22LR Long Rifle Ammunition from Chesapeake Pawn and Gun in Chesapeake VA

22LR Long RifleAt Chesapeake Pawn Gun Bow Bait and Tackle we carry a full line of ammo for the shooter and hunter. Our sister store Oceana has a full service Gunsmith on site. Our Gunsmith shop can handle all your gun repair needs.

Just mention the 22 and memories of childhood flood the mind of most Americans. The .22 LR is what many of us learned to shoot with because of it’s lack of recoil, relatively low noise level, price, and availability of both the round and rifle. It’s not hard to find a .22 rifle for $100 and you can usually pick up a hundred rounds of this at Wally World for around $6 if you get the cheap stuff.

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The .22 Long Rifle was created back in 1800s by J. Stevens Arm & Tool Company and is a rimfire cartridge meaning it has no central replaceable primer, but rather a entire rim that can be struck by the firing pin at any point. These cartridges cannot be reloaded, and for pennies a round it’s not really worth it anyway.

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