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Best Bait and Tackle Shop in Chesapeake

Chesapeake Pawn and Gun has positioned itself as one of the best and most trusted Chesapeake fishing stores. What has propelled us ahead of other Chesapeake fishing stores over the years is our continued quest to offer you the best services and stock the world’s leading fishing equipment brands.

Our outstanding inventory stands above other Chesapeake fishing stores because we are keen on bringing all relevant fishing equipment to our location and address the needs of our customers. We stock fishing reels, trolling gear, fishing gear, rods, canvas, baits, tackle boxes, and lures, just to name a few, and carry brands like Berkley Trilene,AFTCO, Shakespeare, Penn,Strike King, Gamakatsu etc.

Fishing in Chesapeake

Besides the excellent equipment, we have a highly experienced, qualified and dedicated staff who are great at what they do and happy to serve you. Our staff is drawn from individuals who have served in different capacities within the fishing industry and who have a deep understanding of Chesapeake fishing laws. Whether yours is fly-fishing, saltwater fishing, ice fishing or fresh water fishing, we will offer you the right equipment and tips that will serve you remarkably.

If you’ve visited other Chesapeake fishing stores, but failed to get the right service, try out our team of fishing experts and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Come buy fishing items at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun and you will be guaranteed;

  • Quality equipment
  • World class service and
  • Fishing tips and ideas

While many Chesapeake fishing stores only look at the point of sale, we look beyond into our customers’ ultimate satisfaction. As a result, your fishing experience will be enhanced through tips on how well to use the purchased items. Whether you are fishing as a hobby, job, sport or just a “bump in” with friends, our fishing shop in Chesapeake VA will make every fishing experience better and more satisfying.

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