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    Used Guns in A Pawn Shop: Things For A Gunsmith to Repair

    Posted by Jeff Craddock on March 02, 2015

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    Chesapeake Pawn and Gun in Chesapeake VA deals in new and used guns

    Many Pawn shops deal in guns, and pre-owned guns are a huge market for many of those stores. But here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun, we think you'll find the best experience buying a gun over virtually anywhere else. And much of this is due to our customer service, plus out extensive inventory. We carry 900+ new and used firearms in stock. We buy guns everyday so you might think we would have hundreds of used guns in stock. Not so, Why? Because we sell used guns everyday. Don’t wait come in and shop regularly for the best deals on the perfect firearm.

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    As with all things we buy, we have to do some testing and inspecting of key things. We don't buy anything unless it's still in good enough condition for restoration or repair by our gunsmith. With antique guns, it's even more this way, despite some of the older guns on the market selling well just as they are. Some of them are so rare that even if 75% of the gun is in good shape, we know there's a strong market for them.

    What things will we look for on your antique or used firearm that helps us determine its real value? We want you to see us inspect it so you learn about something your gun and know exactly why we arrive at a particular price.

    Inspecting the Gun's Condition

    The first thing we look for on an older firearm is how many dents or scratches are on the surface. Even if the gun still works, the gun's appearance matters to those who buy them. When an older gun isn't used any longer, many people display them, so any that look overly worn definitely affects value. Nevertheless, we still buy them because our resident gunsmith knows how to restore them so they look nearly new.

    As far as antique guns that are still used, we look at the rifling on the gun to see if it's worn. Typically, when that part of the gun becomes dilapidated, it makes restoration more difficult. However, we also look at the gun's bore and see how worn it is. These are frequently re-lined, and we've done many of them.

    With the secondhand firearm industry having two sides (one for display, the other for use), we take all the above things seriously. This includes missing parts, though restoration amends this problem.

    Contact us here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun if you're interested in selling your firearm to us. We guarantee the fairest price you'll find anywhere, including an expert opinion on value you can trust.

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