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    Most Popular Handguns for Concealed Carry

    Most Popular Handguns for Concealed Carry | Tips from Chesapeake Pawn and Gun 

    If you like the idea of keeping a firearm on you for protection at all times, you might be interested in the most popular handguns for concealed carry. 


    Glock 26 Review | Concealed Carry Handguns 

    Popular Handguns for Concealed Carry

    You do have multiple options, but you might find that one of these popular handguns is your best choice. Regardless of the type of gun that you choose, you’re sure to find that the best prices here at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.

    “Baby” Glock, or Glock 26

    One highly regarded choice is the “Baby” Glock, or Glock 26. This petite handgun packs a punch, can be altered easily to suit your needs if you are left-handed and can even accept magazines from other Glock handguns if necessary. Another similar option is the Glock 27.


    Ruger LCP

    The Ruger LCP’s (Light Carry Pistol) name says it all. It’s a lightweight handgun that is easy to conceal and carry, but it’s perfect for personal protection. It is also a rather affordable piece that comes from a name brand that you know you can trust, so it’s great for beginners but is highly regarded by the more experienced as well.

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    Popular Handguns for Sale | Gun Store Chesapeake

    Colt Mustang XSP

    This powerful handgun is very small and easy to conceal, but it features a design that you’re sure to love if you are more accustomed to carrying a full-size weapon. It has a rather unique look when compared to other popular handguns but is still small and easy to carry.


    Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

    If you are a fan of Smith & Wesson, you’re sure to love the M&P Shield. In fact, you’ve probably seen it in quite a few action movies and television shows, such as in The Avengers and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You can choose from a 9mm or .40 S&W.


    Beretta Nano

    If you have ever taken a look at the Beretta Nano, you might have noticed that it has a rather unique design. The great thing about this gun is the fact that its unique design makes it that much more convenient to conceal and carry. Since it has a streamlined design without too much “fanciness,” you actually don’t have to worry about it getting caught on your holster or your clothing when you need it the most.

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    These are just some of the most popular handguns for concealed carry, but there are a host of other options out there as well. If you are looking for a new or used handgun for concealed carry, or if you are looking for another type of firearm, you are sure to get the best deals at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun and our online gun store, so contact us today to find out more.


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