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    Can I Get a Loan on My Jewelry from a Pawn Shop?

    Gold Jewelry Loans from Chesapeake Pawn and Gun in Deep Creek

    If you are wondering, “Can I get a loan on my jewelry from a pawn shop?,” you should know that Chesapeake Pawn and Gun in Deep Creek offers gold jewelry loans and loans on other collateral, such as guns.


    Gold Jewelry Loans | Chesapeake Pawn and Gun 

    Getting a Loan on Your Jewelry From a Local Pawn Shop

    If one of our other locations -- Greenbrier Pawn or Hilltop Pawn Shop -- is more convenient for you, you can also stop by one of our other stores for an affordable, high-value loan that’s super-easy to get

    Borrowing money to get yourself through a tough situation or to handle a sudden financial emergency shouldn’t be hard. You’re probably already under enough stress as it is, and dealing with a difficult lender can be a pain.

    We Buy Gold | Chesapeake Pawn & Gun

    You might find yourself filling out application after application to try to get approved, especially if you need to borrow a large sum of money or if you have bad credit. Each time that you fill out one of these lengthy applications, you have to worry about your credit taking a hit. Plus, it can be time-consuming and downright stressful to have to fill out page after page of personal information.

    Even if you can get approved for a loan, you might find that the stress does not stop there. It could take days to get your money, depending on the lender, which can be difficult to swallow when you need money right now. Plus, once you see the terms that your lender expects you to abide by and the loans fees and interest rates that you will be charged, you might find that borrowing money wasn’t such a good idea after all!

    Get More Money for Items of Value at Your Local Pawn Shop

    Luckily, Chesapeake Pawn and Gun offers the perfect solution to your problem. With our gold jewelry loans, you can simply bring in a necklace, bracelet, ring or other piece of gold jewelry for us to hold on to. We also take other types of valuable jewelry, or you can bring in a gun or other item of value. Regardless, we’ll grant you a loan based off of the value of your collateral and will hold onto your item for you.

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    We Buy Gold | Gold Dealers Serving Hampton Roads

    Then, you can get your cash today. You can skip the long application without worrying about getting approved, and you can avoid the credit score hit completely. You can also save hundreds -- or more, depending on how much you are borrowing -- in fees. 

    Now is the time to change up the way that you borrow money. Contact us at Chesapeake Pawn and Gun so that we can tell you more about our jewelry loans.

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