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    Chesapeake Pawn and Gun says, "We buy guns!" Let us make you an offer

    Posted by Jeff Craddock on August 13, 2014

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    At Chesapeake Pawn and Gun We Buy Guns

    If you're a gun collector, you probably love adding new guns to your collection, and perhaps it's grown a great deal over the years. In fact, it's possible that it's grown so much that you're thinking it's become a little bit too big. Or, maybe you have your eye on something else that you just can't afford right now.

    We Buy Guns | Chesapeake Pawn and GunThe Buying Proces


    Selling Your Guns

    When you are looking for a business that will purchase your gun, it's important to know you're dealing with an expert in that area. We not only have a great amount of experience in jewelry and archery and fishing items, but we also specialize in guns. It's our goal to give your gun a proper assessment so that we can give you the best possible price that we can. Once we've tested your gun, we'll let you know the price so you can start saving toward any other gun purchases you're eager to make in the future. This process is usually only five or ten minutes.

    Pawning Guns 

    Like many customers, it's possible that while you wouldn't mind letting go of your gun on a short term basis in exchange for a pawn loan, you're not really interested in selling it. That's not a problem at all. Each year we provide many pawn loans to our customers who need the money for one reason or another. Once your loan term is over, simply repay the loan and the interest, and you'll receive your gun back, in the exact same condition it was in when you brought it to us. Our owner, Jeff Craddock, created Chesapeake Pawn and Gun with you, the customer in mind. If you're looking for a place to buy your unwanted guns, or if you need a pawn loan, we would be honored to help you. For more information, please contact us today

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