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How Our Pawn Shop Works

 Get a Pawn Shop Cash Loan

            Pawn Shop loans are one of the easiest and safest loans available. Safe because we don’t use your credit or report to a credit agency if you decide to not return for you loan. Easy because we can put cash n your hand in a matter of minutes. You simply bring something of value in and we will evaluate it and make you an offer based on the items value. If you except the offer, we will process your Chesapeake Pawn personal loan right then. The cash loan is good for 30 days. At the end of this period you have three options. First, you may come in anytime you like and redeem your item by paying off the pawn loan. Second, if you want your item back but just don’t have the money together yet then you may come in and pay the renewal fee to extend the loan for an additional month. This gives you more time to gather the cash needed. Third, you don’t have to come back for your item at all. You can simply decide to let the loan default. We will default the item and sell it to recoup the money loaned. We do not report this or hold it against you for future loans.

Best Gun Store in Hampton Roads

            Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is not only a Pawn Shop and Jewelry Store but one of if not the best Gun Stores in Hampton Roads. With over 1200 in stock firearms for sale both new and used we can help you find whatever you’re looking for. In addition, we have an online gun store with over 90,000 guns for sale in Hampton Roads. We also have a full service onsite gunsmith ready to solve your firearm problem. Guns, Ammunition, and a gunsmith, what else could you want. Don’t forgetwe buy guns, any gun, like new or well used we are happy to buy your guns or make cash loans on guns in nearly any condition. 

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We Buy Anything of Value

            That’s right we buy anything of value $5 to $50,000, Diamonds to Dozers. Whatever you have we will be happy to put a number on it and buy it, cash on the spot. We buy gold, we buy Diamonds, we buy guns and of course have guns for sale as well as gold and diamond jewelry.

Loans on Gold Jewelry

            Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is happy to loan cash on Gold Jewelry of every description. Everyone knows we buy gold but people seem to forget we along with our sister stores are the largest lenders of cash in Hampton roads. The process takes about five minutes to get your personal loan with gold as your collateral.

Loans on Guns

            We are the largest lender of cash for guns in Chesapeake Virginia and its surrounding area. Handgun, shotgun, rifle makes no difference. We loan cash on guns of all types and conditions. Stop in today for a fast safe firearm loan. Of course we also have guns for sale in Hampton roads.

Cash for Your Gun | Chesapeake Pawn and Gun


Personal loans

            A personal loan is really just a loan made to you based on either credit or collateral. We offer personal loans in Chesapeake VA based on collateral. It’s an easy process that just takes minutes and does not use your credit in anyway. Personal loans from Chesapeake Pawn and Gun.

Engagement Rings

            Most people think of us as a pawn shop or a gun store. Well we are also one of the largest jewelry stores in Chesapeake VA. That’s right we have a full and huge inventory of engagement rings for less money. Yep that’s right if you are on a budget and want to save money on an engagement ring then Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is your store. Wedding rings of gold and platinum at savings you won’t be able to match anywhere except maybe our sister stores Greenbrier Pawn Shop and Hilltop Pawn Shop.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

            The princess cut engagement ring has been very popular for quite some time. We have them of all sizes just waiting to put a smile on your wife’s or girlfriend’s face. Stop in today to see the huge selection of wedding rings in Chesapeake.

Diamond Jewelry | Chesapeake Pawn & Gun

Antique Wedding Rings

            When it comes to Antique Wedding Rings very few jewelry stores in Chesapeake have them. Why? Because they sell new items. The best place to find antique wedding rings is a pawn shop near you, and we are the pawnbroker in Chesapeake with the most to offer.

Vintage Engagement Rings

            Vintage Engagement Rings are all the talk right now. We have been adding vintage jewelry to our inventory for the last year or so and are now loaded with pieces just waiting for you to come shopping. We look forward to serving you.

Jewelry Store Prices vrs Pawn Shop Prices

            This is a simple question to answer. Hampton Roads Jewelry Stores like all others buy wholesale and sell retail. Where a pawn shop is different is in the buying. We buy from the public and then refurbish items and resale them. Our cost is less than the local jewelry store near you so our price is as well. But yes, our jewelry is pre-owned, but diamonds don’t wear out and gold is simply metal and can be reformed to be even better than new.

Wedding Rings and Bands

            Don’t get hung up on buying an expensive engagement ring or wedding ring. Here at Chesapeake Pawn we have not only elaborate wedding rings but basic engagement and men’s wedding bands. Something for everyone in every price and style. We might be the best Jewelry Store in Hampton Roads.

Guns for Sale

            Chesapeake Pawn and Gun is the Best Gun Store in Hampton Roads. Ok so that’s my opinion, but I hear it all the time from my customers. Talk about inventory, Handguns, Glock to Smith and Wesson, Shotguns, Benelli to the trusted Remington 870, and Rifles, AR 15 to your dad’s 30-06 and everyone’s favorite Remington 700 in 308. We have lots of guns for sale in our gun store, over 1200 today plus over 90,000 guns for sale in our Online Gun Store. Check us out today. Plus, don’t forget we have a full service gunsmith onsite

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Online Gun Store

            Our online gun store is a one of a kind experience and it offers incredible prices on handguns, rifles, AR 15, and shotguns. The prices online include the transfer fee or you might say if you buy a handgun from our online gun store we do not charge a transfer fee. Guns online for less and ammo online for less, double your fun. Buy an ar-15 or a Glock today and it ships tomorrow. Quick and for a deal at that.

New and Used Guns

            We carry a large selection of used handguns and long guns. If you’re looking for one of the older guns for sale like a cold python or maybe a particular generation of the Remington 870 chances are we will have it at some point in time. Remember, we can only sell what we have so stop in or call often. The best used guns go fast, and being one of the best gun shops in Hampton Roads means our really sell fast. All of our used firearms are checked out and warrantied by the best gunsmith in Hampton Roads, ours.

Smith and Wesson

            When it comes to popular handguns and even the AR-15 Smith and Wesson has an unmatched reputation. The best built revolvers are still one of our most popular items. We stock and sell Smith and Wesson firearms in Chesapeake VA.


            Glock handguns are not only one of the hottest guns for sale in our store but also one of the hottest used guns for sale. They fly off the shelf because they are as good used and new and cheaper. That’s a win win in any one’s book. Looking for a Glock 19 or the Glock 17 maybe a concealed carry Glock 42. Whatever you want in a handgun we can help.


            Need a full service Gunsmith in Hampton Roads? Look no further than Chesapeake Pawn and Gun. Our gunsmith can handle all your needs. Trigger job for your Glock or maybe a trigger job for your rifle, whatever you need we can handle the gun repair onsite and fast. Jams to broken springs are easy and often done while you wait. Fast gunsmith repairs in Chesapeake VA.


A Bit More About Us

As one of the premier pawn shops in Chesapeake, VA, it seems Chesapeake Pawn and Gun can tout ourselves both as jewelry experts and firearms experts easily makes us one of the most unique pawn shops in Chesapeake, VA. Our jewelry selection is quite competitive compared to other pawn shops in Chesapeake, VA. From elaborate pieces of costume jewelry to finer gold necklaces and diamonds, there’s no shortage of options at Chesapeake Pawn & Gun. We delight in having the ability to service the customers that walk through our door with anything they may need.

At Chesapeake Pawn & Gun, we’re interested in anything with value, whether it’s a beautiful wedding ring or a Sig Sauer gun. We make sure that whatever makes it on our floor has potential to be sold; therefore, we only buy quality items.

Our gun store in Chesapeake, VA, can assist you with many needs. In addition to working with you to get you the guns you’ll need or want, we can also handle services such as FFL transfers for you for a small fee (send your gun to our store and we’ll handle the paperwork for you; all you have to do is come pick it up).

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring to propose to the woman of your dreams, or necklaces to purchase for your sister’s birthday, we understand that your budget bears a huge effect on your shopping options. For this reason, it’s important to find an affordable jewelry store that doesn’t compromise quality and availability of options.

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